Written on October 9th, 2004 at 06:10 pm by Darren Rowse

Beer Blog

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logo_tagline.gif The Brew Site is an interesting commercial blog focused upon Beer (sounds like my kind of blog!). They are basing their income stream at this stage around Adsense. I’ve done a little research into beer keywords and the ads should pay reasonably well and the topic is one which should attract a fair amount of visitors. There are probably a few other income streams that they could add into the mix to add a few dollars a day to the mix.

The design is clean and professional, the content genuinely helpful and the concept is great - I’ll be interested to see how they progress.

4 Responses to “Beer Blog”

  • Thanks for the nice writeup! The design is still in a bit of flux, but I’m glad you like it– I’ll keep it mostly the same as I figure it out.

  • Good to see another beer blog. Let’s keep them coming. Also, Google sucks for beer folks. They don’t pay because they kill beer advertisers — their policies are harsh on beer advertisers.

  • Well the more the better. The latest addition being India Brew a beer blog from India.

  • Hey Guys,

    Just another “beer blogger” here. I am surprised there not more of us, but its pretty clear in my research that its a little difficult to monetize in this niche.

    Oh well… I love beer and I love learning and writing about it. But I would love to hear how some of you other folks are doing with the monetization.


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