Written on October 20th, 2004 at 10:10 am by Darren Rowse

BloggerCon - Making Money with Your Blog

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Doc Searls has an interesting post on making money with blogs in preparation for a session on the topic at the next Blogger Con. He asks a lot of thought provoking questions and then puts forward an interesting case…

‘As you can see, I have a position here. I believe it’s far more important (and interesting) to make money because of our blogs, rather than with them; just as we make money because we have phones rather than with our phones.

There are exceptions. Some of us make money by selling on the phone. If that’s you, think about what trying to sell over your blog (instead of the phone) would do to your relationships with readers.

Of course, lots of people use advertising to defray the costs of blogging. And, to be frank, I really don’t care much if you have advertising on your blog, or if you make money that way. If that makes you happy, or makes you money, fine. I expect we’ll spend some time comparing various advertising options. But let’s also ask, How interesting is that, once you’re past describing whatever it takes to get going with Adsense or Blogads? It’s cool that they provide a service and an income stream. But I’d like to see us budget time for each of the potential topics we can cover.’

Read more at BloggerCon - Making Money Session

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  • Yah, I build my blog site for both make money and fun.

  • So in your opinion, if you’re new to blogging, what’s a great way to build a following and get traffic to my site? Few suggestions would be great, thanks!

  • Yes its more about expressing yourself than anything else. Advertising programs are good but you have to choose the right one for your blog considering its theme or else it can go astray. Does any one here know about good affiliate programs, mine is a movie blog.

    Thanks and regards,

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