Written on November 11th, 2004 at 03:11 pm by Darren Rowse

More detailed Adsense Statistics

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Adsense Tracker is one of the most useful tools that any Adsense user could invest in. As the name suggests Adsense Tracker gives you statistics that Adsense does not even come close to giving you in their statistics/reporting package.

Track Click Throughs from Each Page - For example - have you ever wondered which pages on your blog are providing the click-throughs? Adsense only lets you track 50 channels - most of of us track categories but Adsense Tracker lets you track every page on your blog!

Now in my mind that is information that I’d pay for. Think about it. You’ve got 1000 pages on your blog. The clicks could be coming evenly from them all - or they could be coming predominantly from one or two pages. Wouldn’t it be useful to know which pages they were so that you could:
1. write more posts on those topics (or even start a new blog dedicated to them)
2. promote those pages more

Tracks Ad Format Results - it tracks which colors, ad sizes and formats are working best. Again - most of us have hunches about this - but imagine if one ad format was bringing in all of your income while others did nothing? It could be very useful information.

Real Time Reports - Don’t wait 48 hours for your channel stats to kick in. Know instantly if a page is suddenly ‘hot’ and move quickly to capitalize.

Tracks which ads are being clicked - Adsense Tracker lets you know which ads and which keywords are producing click throughs. Again this is invaluable information that allows you to customize and configure your page to further increase your Adsense earnings.

These are just some of the many features of Adsense Tracker. The program is simple to install and in my opinion well worth the money you’ll spend on it (currently $99.95) - I see it as an investment that could pay itself off in days. I guess its not for a blogger only making a few cents a day - but a tool like this could increase your earnings 10%-20% and its worth doing the sums!

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