Written on November 24th, 2004 at 11:11 am by Darren Rowse

Essential Pro Blogging Tools

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Hypothetical question time - If you were stranded on a desert island (with dsl broadband and a laptop) and the had to make a living (to pay for your boat ride home) from blogging - what would be your top 5 blogging tools/programs/services?

Ok - silly question - but someone was just asking me about my blogging and the tools that I use - I told them that I LOVE…

1. Google Adsense - my wife loves them too - They give me money to research and write about stuff that I’m really interested in and probably would have researched and written about for free!

2. Bloglines - These people find me the stuff that I write about in a 10th of the time it would have taken me to find it otherwise. They also tell me if others are writing about it within minutes of them doing so.

3. Ecto - I still remember the day I first fell in love with this little program. It makes uploading blog entries so quick and easy. What you see is what you get editing - one click publishing - purrrrr.

4. Google News - Once again the nice people at Google come to the problogging party and kindly email me news on any topic that I might choose. Articles from around the world that I’d never have heard of land in my inbox daily.

5. Topix - Once again this service sources news (for free) from around the globe and shoots it into either an email or an RSS feed for my blogging pleasure.

What are your top 5 blogging tools??

2 Responses to “Essential Pro Blogging Tools”

  • I’m biased, of course, but I’d put Movable Type on the list. I’m constantly surprised by the creative things that people can do with it, and the new ways I think of using it.

  • aaah yes Anil - I was considering two other tools - one being Moveable Type and the other being Word Press - both of which I love and use in my blogging. I guess they’d be my 6th and 7th most useful tools - but without them all the others are useless.

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