Written on December 7th, 2004 at 09:12 am by Darren Rowse

The Cancer Blog - Weblogs Inc

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Weblogs Inc have launched yet another blog this time focusing upon health care. It is the Cancer Blog. it is an interesting move by the team at Weblogs Inc to move in this direction.

Leading the charge as the editor of the blog is a medical resident, Leonardo Faoro - so there is someone at the helm who should have at least some good knowledge on the topic which is reassuring - the legal issues of blogging on medical topics are ones to keep in mind when setting out in this direction and I would suspect that they will have to walk a fine line between reporting news and giving advice or endorsing treatments.

I think this is a good move by Weblogs Inc (and it will provide a valuable service) although I do not think that it is being done all because they want to educate people on the topic - it is worth keeping in mind that different forms of cancer are some of the highest paying keywords on Adsense (whose ads this site is heavily using) and that this is a commercial venture also.

4 Responses to “The Cancer Blog - Weblogs Inc”

  • Darren,

    I’m doing this because my family has been effected by cancer, not for the money. My mother battled cancer, and won. During that time, information and conversing were the two things that got us through.

    best jason
    co-founder, Weblogs, Inc.

  • Thanks for your comment Jason - I perhaps worded my comment on your blog poorly on re reading it. I wanted to convey that it was a worthy cause to be blogging about. I have been considering lately how blogging could actually be an agent for social change and education on issues such as this one.

    I applaud your endeavor to want to provide a place for people needing to learn about and discuss what they are going though.

    However I also wanted to point out that whilst your motivation is obviously to help people that you are also running a commercial blog and seeming to want to make a profit from it if the ads on the site are anything to go by.

    I don’t have an issue with this approach - I don’t think that one has to necessarily divide financial gain from wanting to make a difference - if this was the case then many people including those in medical, legal, religious jobs would be in a bit of a bind.

    It just so happens that you’ve chosen a topic that has high paying keywords which means that you’re likely to make a few dollars on the side whilst achieving your other purposes.

    Again - as a blogger who earns his income from blogging - I applaud you for the move you’re making for both your charitable and business decisions. More power to you.

    Please accept my apologies if I’ve caused any offense - it wasn’t my intention.

  • “not for the money”

    Why all the google ads then?

  • I’m blogging now as way to do community service. I’ve had testicuar cancer and my father had prostate cancer. But he does’nt want the whole world to know his story. So I took upon mysefl to do it for our family.

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