Written on January 7th, 2005 at 02:01 pm by Darren Rowse

Chat with me on MSN Messenger

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I have had the fortune of chatting on MSN messenger today with a couple of my Problogging heroes and thought I’d like to connect with more in this way in 2005. So - with much trepidation I’m going to let you know my MSN Messenger ID.

It’s daziii@hotmail.com

Please note - this is not an email address I use or check - EVER. But if you’d like a chat please feel free to add me and message me to say hi (it might be worth introducing yourself in your first message and saying you are from this blog as I occasionally get a few ‘nutters’ msg me out of the blue who I tend to block pretty quickly).

Of course some times are beter to chat than others so don’t be offended if I’m a bit slow to respond - I’ll get to you eventually but sometimes when I’m multitasking it takes me a few minutes to finish up a stream of thought (or a stream of blogging as they case will probably be).

8 Responses to “Chat with me on MSN Messenger”

  • I chatted with Darren! Bwah!!! ;-)

  • he sure did - and I’ll be posting it for the public to access one day to show just what Jeremy is like when he’s overly tired and on msn chat!

  • I just chatted with the ‘great’ Darren! Kool guy, go have a chat with him, leach him for all the information you can, he’s where u want to be!! :-)

  • Hi Darren,

    Went to this post from a link in the Three Bubbles post today. Seems I had missed it before.

    Since it’s now been more than s month, can you update us on your expereinces with chat? Also, what were the factors that convinced you to use MSN Chat? Did you consider Yahoo Chat? Or rule it out for some reason? I bring this up becuase MSN Chat and that absymal Passport interface can be a real show stopper for some.

  • Actually this post is over a year old Dave :-)

    I use MSN chat every day - I find it fine. I don’t need to login as my computer logs me in automatically every day.

  • I guess I win the daily ‘D’oh” award for not noticing the year of publication on the post.

    I also failed to bring out the most important difference between Microsoft Messenger and Yahoo Messenger …or I feel the most important to people in different time zones with busy lives.

    In Yahoo Messenger one right clicks on a friend’s name and types a message (or drops in a link to show, etc.) and the message goes to the friend’s in box with no further action. If the friend is on line, they get it near instantly, if they are currently off line, it’s waiting in their inbox when they next have time to log in.

    In Microsoft Messenger, should the friend not be on line, you get a balky ‘would you like to send an email’ script which, if accepted, will dump it in their Hotmail account, where they might or might not get it, depending on their email polling and checking habits.

    Perhaps it’s just me, but Microsoft seems to have missed the entire point … if I wanted to send an email, I would have done so.

    Anyway, it’s preference and either one (or others) will do the job … I still think your experiences (much longer than I first thought) would make a good post.

  • If anyone wants to start chatting to new people then come to www.messengerm8s.com

    Its a new friend finder site with some great features :)

    Come and Enjoy ;)

  • Hey there,
    I also chat on MSN and i find it pretty cool. I was able to find 2 of my old friends here.




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