Written on January 9th, 2005 at 11:01 am by Darren Rowse

:: w.bloggar :: version 4.0 released

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PC users might be interested in the latest release of :: w.bloggar :: which has just been released.

:: w.bloggar :: acts as an interface between you and your blog, acting as a post and template editor. It allows offline editing (of course you have to connect eventually to update your blog).

The latest version (4.0) supports MovableType advanced post options and new tools like WordPress, SquareSpace, B2evolution etc. Get a full list of the update changes at their What’s New page.

Looks like a good system - but unfortunately I’ll never know as I’m a Mac man and they have not and will not ever release a version for me. Instead I use ecto which supports both Mac and PC users. If w.blogger is anything like ecto I’m sure its a very useful tool!

I’d be interested to hear from w.blogger users - how do you find the new version? - write us a short review of the interface and I’ll gladly publish it here or link to it on your blog.

2 Responses to “:: w.bloggar :: version 4.0 released”

  • Hey, I have been using w.bloggar for a few weeks on my wordpress blog. Although it is nice tool, in my opinion it is not intergrated with wordpress enough. It does not use the more tags and you can’t add new buttons which is a shame.

    I would still reccomend it though as it can make posting easier. 7/10

  • i googled for something completely different, but found your page… and have to say thanks. nice blog!

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