Written on January 14th, 2005 at 10:01 pm by Darren Rowse

I’m taking Questions….

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Just a reminder that on Thursday (20th) I’m blogging for 24 hours straight in my annual blogathon to raise money for victims of the Tsunami. I’ll be asking for donations on the site during that day and hope to beat last year’s $540.

Last year the main reason I got to 112 posts in the 24 hours was that I had a whole heap of questions from my readers to answer. People asked about my blogging (tips, experiences etc), others asked about life in Australia, about my personal life or story, others just asked random wacko stuff etc.

I’m taking questions again here in comments below. You can ask anything and I’ll do my best to answer anything (within reason).

I’m also taking your suggested links, articles, blogs, sites that I can blog about during the 24 hours - if you have any funny, interesting, insightful or bizarre links for me feel free to leave them below. I’ll attempt to give you a link when I answer your question or use your suggestion to make it worth your while.

Otherwise - tune into my blogathon blog on Thursday for all the fun and shenanigans. I’ll try to limit the toilet humor this year to under 4% of the posts - unless of course I get desperate because you don’t help me out with some links below!

PS: I’m still looking for a sponsor/s for the blogathon site and am open to offers. I will sell space on the site in return for your donations to the cause so make a donation and get a little free publicity at the same time (I’ll sell you text links, banner space, editorial space - anything to help the orphans of the Tsunami). Your links will remain on the site for a whole year for whatever price we agree on - not only good exposure to readers but also a boost to your blog’s page rank. Please consider a donation or sponsorship at the site.

2 Responses to “I’m taking Questions….”

  • Hey, first question!

    You’ve got an MT backend, I’ve got a TypePad backend. They’re pretty similar, so I’m wondering whether you’d post some code to show how you get your Adsense ads to show up in your post, with the post text wrapping around it.


  • Pros and cons of real estate agents including new listings, price changes, reporting sales, goals met, etc. in their blogs. From a non-agents perspective, what would you find interesting, what would make you come back, what would build the agent’s credibility in your mind? What information would you most want to see if you took the time to look at a local agent’s blog.

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