Written on January 25th, 2005 at 08:01 am by Darren Rowse

Business Blog Summit Live Commentaries

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I’m sure there are many people blogging live from the Business Blog Summit. Seeing as though those of us who are not there don’t seem to be able to participate in any other way (no feeds and the IRC channel is just full of people not there asking the two that are what is going on no) I thought I’d start to compile a list of bloggers that are doing some live commentaries (or at least making a bit of noise from within the heart of the conference) of the sessions. Feel free to add yours if you’re doing some:

- Jeff Barr’s Blog - some pretty comprehensive summaries of each session so far

- Common Craft (who has also set up a wiki for the conference)

- The Blog Post

- Chris Pirillo

- Daren Barefoot

- Will Pate

- Ratcliffe Blog

- Buzz Marketing With Blogs

- Qumana

- Blogosphere News

I’m sure there is more - will keep adding them as they are found

I have to say that so far in reading the commentaries that the depth of topic covered is not quite what I expected so far. Perhaps its hard to convey it in writing but its a little more on the ‘entry level’ side of things in the first few sessions - I guess this is understandable as an introduction to a conference. I’m yet to stop in my tracks as I read and go ‘wow’….rewind….got to read that again! Maybe its that I just got up and need another coffee but perhaps this conference is aiming more at those beginning their business blogging journeys? Interested in the opinions of those who are there.

I am very much looking forward to hearing about the session on ‘The Entrepreneurial Blog: Monetizing Your Interests’ by Brian Alvey and Glenn Fleishman later today though - should be some good information in that.

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  • you make a good point about the level of presentation. i think the audience was very mixed, some very high-level bloggers and tech folks, some business and pr people, some newbies. it made things a little bizarre as far as what information was presented. the monetizing session was particularly off-kilter, i thought.

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