Written on February 14th, 2005 at 02:02 pm by Darren Rowse

DPB signs Blog Sponsorship Deal

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Sorry that posting has been slow today but I’ve been busy negotiating an advertising deal for Digital Photography Blog. The deal has just been signed which is a great relief. I’m not yet able to publicly comment upon who the advertiser is (except to say its one of the big digicam manufacturers) and will not be at liberty to discuss the financial side of the deal when it becomes public but I’m very pleased with the way it is shaping up.

The initial deal is for a short trial period with options to extend once performance is ascertained. It does not include me having to sell the products of this advertiser or to change my approach to writing content in any way shape or form. Its a bit of a dream come true.

It is nice to be able to report not only the deals of other blogs with major sponsorship deals but to be able to work on my own. Here’s hoping it all comes off well and the relationship can become ongoing. If it does I might be on the way to taking on a writer for the sites I’m currently running. Will update more as it goes public.

Update: Thanks for the comments already on this post - it seems to have peaked some interest. Without going into specifics of the deal I’m able to give a little more information as requested….

- The deal has come out of an ongoing conversation that I’ve been having with an advertising agency. I have been speaking with two separate ad agencies for 6 months now - keeping them up to date with my latest traffic figures on different sites. We have been close to deals before but this one fits perfectly with my site and the advertisers product range - Digital Cameras.

- I think the advertising agency first approached me Fabian - after reading this blog. The initial contact came about as they were looking for an Australia blog consultant for a client - they searched Google and found me. I have worked hard at keeping the relationship alive since this time.

- I found that previous direct approaches to companies of the size of this one were virtually impossible. Using a middle man like an agency to help broker the deal has its advantages. Of course you lose a percentage of the revenue for this service but I figure that its a lot better to get a percentage than to not get the deal all together.

Happy to answer more questions as long as they don’t breach the confidentiality agreement I have.

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