Written on March 11th, 2005 at 04:03 pm by Darren Rowse

Soldiers earning Money from Blogging

Blogging for Dollars 2 comments

There is an interesting article in the Army Times about soldiers in Iraq who are turning to blogging to make a few dollars in their spare time whilst there.

‘Finding paid advertisers may be too time-consuming for soldiers in a combat zone, so several Internet companies sell advertising for bloggers. However, bloggers receive only a percentage of what the companies bring in from advertisers, but the companies do the sales legwork. Many of these companies will even provide bloggers with free server space.

Some soldiers are selling T-shirts, bumper stickers and hats on their sites. Some bloggers say so many readers ask what they can send to show their support, they have posted wish lists on their sites. Others have set up ways for readers to send them money.’

Read more at Some troops make money from blogs

This is the beauty of blogging professionally - it is actually a way of making money from virtually anywhere in the world that you can get online. I’ve often talked to my wife about the possibility of us doing some long term travel that we could fund by my blogging as we go on the road. Sure I wouldn’t be able to keep up my 25+ posts per day schedule and would probably need to put aside either an hour or so a day in a net cafe (or some longer blocks say once or twice a week) - but I think it could actually be a real goer as blogging is such a portable medium that is also remarkably flexible. ie it doesn’t really matter if I don’t blog every hour or even everyday - once you have some momentum going it just keeps rolling on.

I guess I’ll put some of these theories to the test later in the year when we take a trip to Europe for a month - will the blogs keep earning at current levels? (by the way - I’ll be looking for a guest blogger or two while I’m away if you’re interested - we’re off early June).

found via the Blog Herald

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