Written on March 19th, 2005 at 08:03 am by Darren Rowse

What Software do Pro Bloggers need?

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Migs Paraz asked me a question that I thought I’d open up for us all to have a go at answering. He writes:

‘I’m a software developer. What tools can I write to help enternetuserss to be more successful?’

So there’s a question for you. If you could have some software that would make your professional blogging easier, more profitable, less work, more accessible to the masses etc - what would it be? Leave your comments below in comments and hopefully Migs Paraz or some other enterprising software developer will have a go at making our dreams a reality.

5 Responses to “What Software do Pro Bloggers need?”

  • A tool or hack that automatically pings any available directories upon publication of a new post. Sort of what ping-o-matic does, but locally. The tool should update available services or should have the capability to easily add services as new one become available. B2evolution already does some of this, but makes adding new services difficult.

  • Well, the difference between enternetuserss and non-enternetuserss is that either they are employed or they earn money through advertisement on their blogs.
    So we need a better AdSense tracking tool than the existing ones.

  • I’m working on a wordpress plugin that tracks all links (not just outbound links like MyBlogLog) made on a site but development has kinda stalled.
    Would people be interested in this plugin? I could finish it in a few days if so.

  • Sorry, let me clarify:
    It tracks all clicks made on hyperlinks on a site. It’s like a basic hitcounter but for clicked links.

  • Thanks for the suggestions! I have something in mind and I’ll try it out on my blog first.

    As for a better reporting tool - we’re limited by the data that Adsense gives us. Hope they release an API, just like they do for Adwords.

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