Written on March 31st, 2005 at 07:03 pm by Darren Rowse

Blogging Crushes - Get your Virtual Date Here

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Do you have a Blogging Crush on another Blogger? Want to be set up on a ‘virtual date’?

I’m not talking a romantic crush - I’m talking about an admiration, an obsession, a fascination with another blogger. You love what they do but you wonder if they even know you exist! (sniff sniff)

They are at the top of your list of daily reads - you can’t get enough of their posts - you wake up in the morning thinking about them…. ok - maybe not the last one - but you know what I mean.

Who do you have a Blogging Crush on and what would you like to ask them?

If you could have a face to face meet up (a date) with any blogger who would it be and what two or three questions would you ask them?

Leave your answer in comments below and I’ll do my absolute best to get your questions answered. Who knows they might even notice you and a wonderful relationship might ensue.

8 Responses to “Blogging Crushes - Get your Virtual Date Here”

  • Aside from you Darren??? Seriously though although I’d like to one day meet in person Calacanis, Denton, Jeremy Wright, Dave Winer, Rubel, Scoble and perhaps a few others (even yourself!) I certainly don’t dream of them at night and aside from saying “G’day, how’s it going” and “wadhavya been up to” I not sure what else I’d say. I think favouring one blogger over others would limit an average bloggers input and create a monoculture of thought that would be detrimental to the greater good, the success and richness of the blogosphere is best reflected in its diversity, so the more the merrier, even if my Bloglines list keeps getting longer and taking longer again to read.

  • I reckon my virtual blogging date would have to be the Jupiter analysts (either all of ‘em on one big group date, or if I had to pick, I’d start with Gary Stein and Niki Scevak).

    Why? For that simplest of answers when it comes to the blogosphere: respect. Both for what they do in terms of being analysts in the interActive media business space, and also for how they’ve all embraced blogging to open themselves up so much.

    The questions I’d ask? There’s two of them.

    1. How do they prioritise their information sources? I realise as analysts they need to look at ALL the available info and sources to do their jobs well, but if they could have access to half, or a quarter, a tenth of those sources of information, what would they choose? Putting it another way perhaps, what is it they turn to first of a morning when they come into work, vs what gets put into the ‘to absorb on the bus ride home’ pile…

    2. This second question will have influenced their answer to the first question, and its a broad one - what do they think is the best path to becoming an analyst, specifically in the interActive/new media/technology space? Speciality in a related field? Management experience? Vast experience in a totally absolutely different field?

  • *lol* one is sometimes surprised to find the other side in the same mode ;o)

  • Love is in the air! :)

  • Timely post! Just had my “dream date” this morning. Was supposed to have coffee with Steve Rubel and Ryan from Orbitcast, and Dave Winer shows up. Even better — he records it and podcasts the whole hour!

    Here’s the link: http://archive.scripting.com/2005/03/31

    BTW, most bloggers, even the “A-list” are approachable. They love to meet with other bloggers. Send them an e-mail and you never know.

  • Sorry, the link isn’t working. It’s on http://scripting.com/.

  • Since I wasn’t around when you did this, I think it might be neat if you did it again. ;)

  • I think the blogger who writes Dooce.Com and Tokyo Girl Down Under; Tokyo-girl.blogspot.com (different bloggers) are great!!! and of course you Darren.

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