Written on April 3rd, 2005 at 11:04 am by Darren Rowse

Pope Blog Update

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Blogging might be a little lighter here for the next few days as i concentrate on the Pope Watch Blog. As you’d expect traffic levels have been pretty high with them reaching 1500 visitors per hour at its peak.

The interesting (and frustrating thing) is that despite its being running for months now Google are yet to index it properly. 99% of traffic referrals are coming from MSN search where the blog is ranked very highly for most relevant terms. I can only begin to imagine what visitor levels would be like if Google had indexed the site properly.

I’m also quite amazed by the outpouring of grief that readers of the blog are showing via comments. In the last few hours I decided to create a space for these comments specifically and am getting emails from readers thanking me for creating a virtual space for their grief which is lovely.

One Response to “Pope Blog Update”

  • I’m glad to hear your newsblog is doing well, even if it is due to tragic circumstances.. but even so, you’re providing a very useful service to those seeking news about the Pope and allowing them an outlet of their own…

    But based on your comment of receiving 1500 visits/hour - combined with your other blog traffic on the same server - I wondered if you had any recommendations for a really good, stable host service that has a virtually 100% uptime.. perhaps wherever you have that site hosted?

    Thanks for any insights you can pass on down, :)

    -Steve Gill

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