Written on April 7th, 2005 at 02:04 pm by Darren Rowse

Introducing AllPosters and LinkShare

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Regular readers will notice I’ve added two small banner ads at the top of this blog - one for AllPosters and the other for LinkShare.

I do this for two reasons which I will share with you:

1. I have used both of these programs to help monetize a number of my blogs. They are affiliate programs that can be quite effective depending upon the topic of your blog.

2. The banner ads above are affiliate links themselves for these programs and will earn me a small commission if you follow them, sign up and start using the programs.

There is no pressure for you to use the programs but if you do I hope they are as successful for you as they have been for me (and more).

Each one is suitable for different topics of sites. They will not be suitable for every blog.

The AllPosters affiliate program is excellent for blogs on people and personalities, its quite good for blogs on sport, music, movies, tv shows etc. I’ve only started using the program this past month but already am seeing that its one of the better performing affiliate programs that I’ve experimented with.

The LinkShare program has a pretty wide range of affiliate programs involved in it which would suit many of the topics that I know readers of this site write about. They have literally hundreds (if not thousands) of partners that offer a range of different products and services for you to link to.

7 Responses to “Introducing AllPosters and LinkShare”

  • Interesting target on advertising, I would have naturally guessed that trying to sell hosting and or blogging related services would have been the way to go, but some good lateral thinking here,I’d be interested to see how you go.

  • I have to point out that AllPosters has been the least successful affiliate program I’ve tried on my sites. But that might have been due to the low inventory (and therefore less chance of appeal) compared to Amazon (the links were auto-generated for both services based on the content of the page).

  • Thanks for the pointers. I was signing up for Linkshare but the legalese in the tax info scared me off. Adsense is so much simpler!

  • I use AllPosters and have had a little successs but the last couple months have had 0 sales.

  • Interest format of advertising. I currently use CJ.com and LinkShare.com but I’m looking for other sources of marketing as well. I see a lot more money in the affiliate marketing than I do in a PPC type advertising, so that’s the direction I want to go in.

  • I use both on my art antiques site, adsense and art.com. Posters are very fluctuating, Getting 50% and 50%. Eventually will plug some CJ.COM ebay auctions, dinamically generated with the content of the page. I do not know how ebay pay off, but I love clicking on such ads soon as they come visible on the sites that I’m visiting.

  • AllPosters Affiliate Programs sucks. 900 visitors sent to them and 4 sales ($3 commissions)

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