Written on April 8th, 2005 at 11:04 am by Darren Rowse

Australian Blogger Get Media Attention - Is this as Good as it Gets?

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Darren-Rowse-SpamA few days ago when I was lamenting the fact that Australian Bloggers don’t get enough local press coverage I was hoping that it might cause some reporters to do a feature or two - but I wasn’t expecting the article that the Herald Sun published today which highlighted a post on my personal blog that was written over a year ago titled I’m Pro SPAM! (click to enlarge the article - no online version that I can find). I laughed so hard when I saw this - I guess any publicity is better than nothing.

This goes to show that often its not the posts that you work hardest on and that are about your passions that get picked up by others (including other bloggers and journalists). Its actually something worth thinking about as an actual strategy for your blog.

Whilst we’d all like to get attention for our serious well thought through posts its often the gimmick post that get people interested in a site - thats why polls, quizzes, awards, parodies etc can actually be quite effective at hooking people into your site - in the hope that a percentage of them will read your other material and become loyal readers. One of the main reasons my early blogs got a lot of inbound links (and built their page rank) was because of posts like this one which people linked to in their droves.

So consider lightening up your blog occasionally with an original gimmick or two and you might just get some quality media attention (sarcasm) like this one too!

Thanks to Josh for the heads up about this article.

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