Written on April 15th, 2005 at 12:04 pm by Darren Rowse

Official Google Adsense Consultants

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What do you think about the idea of Google licensing people to act as Adsense consultants?

They would train up independent consultants in the program, give them the skills and knowledge needed to help others optimize their ads. Then they give them some sort of accreditation or license that them ‘official’ status so that they can be hired by businesses and individuals wanting to optimize their adsense advertising.

I think it would be in Google’s best interests to offer this type of program. It would mean their publishers are better educated about the program, able to be more effective in what they do which in turn benefits them, Google and Google’s advertisers.

I know there are Adsense consultants already out there but to make them ‘official’ or ‘accredited’ could help Google to ensure the quality (and ethics) of advice being given is of a high standard.

Of course if there are any Adsense Execs reading this who want to fly me over to train me up as the first official Adsense Consultant - I’d be open to the offer! :-)

I’m interested in others opinions. Would you or your company pay for this type of advice? What would be the shortcomings of such a program?

8 Responses to “Official Google Adsense Consultants”

  • Hi Darren,

    Google already has a certification program for AdWords https://adwords.google.com/select/ProfessionalWelcome. What would you change it to become an AdSense certification program?

  • The wonders of the new economy, virtual advertising executives :-)

  • The Adwords certification site is a very useful resource for bloggers who run their own advertising services. There is a great deal of information on writing text ads, measuring performance and how to make ads look unique. I often have to help people write ads, for example if they are using Adbrite.

  • Would be a great idea, this seems also a god spot for seminars and documentation. And I would expect from them a more qualified approach in their topic as I have seen in a ebook I recently bought.

    Having a testing system like for MVP etc would give me, as a user, a kind of quality signal where I am sure, to get a good return for my investment.

    Plus it would raise the leve of available quality content, and we could give feedback for example to google and establish a quality management system.

  • Pretty good idea.

  • We are software company specializing in next generation operating system platforms. We are about to release an advertisement-supported version of our DAVID-Linux OS which runs both Linux and Windows applications. And we are feverishly looking around for such a consultant! We need help figuring out this AdSense thing.

  • Well I have had a chance to read some of the messages posted in the adsense forums and you wouldn’t believe the number of people asking for help with their adsense! A few have even posted about hiring people to help them with their adsense and unfortunately a lot of them got screwed but still it shows that there is a paying market for this.

  • Well as someone with the title of Adsense Consultant I’m wondering about the problems that may crop up with this. In order to become an “official” adsense consultant would one have to take a course, pay a fee, etc……?

    I’m sure that adsense is seriously considering this though because I’m thinking about Ebay and how they have official Ebay assistants but there are also those that act as assistants but are not “official” assistants.

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