Written on April 18th, 2005 at 05:04 pm by Darren Rowse

Blogging for Dollars Seminar - Seeking Expressions of Interest

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Recently I’ve met a number of Melbourne Bloggers who are interested in learning how to make a living from their blogging. I’m excited about this as it’d be nice to have a few local blogging buddies to get together with to share ideas - work together on projects and become friends with.

Most of those who want to get into Entrepreneurial Blogging are personal bloggers or are just starting out with adding Adsense or affiliate programs to their blogs and have been asking for tips and advice.

Rather than meeting each of them one on one or chatting via Instant Messenger I’m toying with the idea of running an introductory evening seminar into Entrepreneurial Blogging - (Blogging for Dollars).

This night would probably run for 2.5 - 3 hours (7pm - 9.30pm for instance) and it would be in a central location (probably in inner northern suburbs).

I would charge a small amount per person to attend to cover my preparation time. The amount of $50(ish) is in my mind for some reason - does that sound reasonable? I believe the content would be worth more than this in a business setting but want to make it accessible to the blogger just starting out who isn’t making much from their blogs yet.

The evening would be for those who already have an understanding of blogging (ie I wouldn’t be explaining the basics of ‘what is a blog’, ‘how do I post a post’ etc) but who are at the beginning of their journey of making money from their blogs.

Topics Covered Would include :

  • Niche Blogging
  • How to choose a profitable topic for my blog
  • Income streams - what are the options (from affiliate programs, to advertising to other forms of income)
  • Introduction to Adsense (with my top ten tips for optimizing your Adsense ads)
  • Finding Readers - techniques to increase the readership of your blog (including some basic Search Engine Optimization Tips).
  • Common Mistakes of Entrepreneurial Bloggers
  • Finding Content
  • Tools for enternetuserss - a description of my workflow and some of the tools that the Pros are using.

There would of course be time for questions and answers and I’d attempt to use as many examples of different approaches to ProBlogging as possible. In many ways it would be a live, collated and condensed version of this blog. The blogging community in Melbourne isn’t huge so I’m thinking it would be a reasonably intimate gathering where everyone would get a chance to participate.

Are you interested in attending? I’m seeking expressions of interest at this point to gauge whether it is something worth working on - so if you’re in Melbourne (or are willing to come here for it) leave a comment or shoot me an email to express your interest.

If you are not in Melbourne and you would like to participate there are two options for being involved:

  • you could fly my to where you are for your own mini seminar with some of your blogging friends (ok I’m dreaming here - but get enough mates together and its possible)
  • if enough of you are interested I could record the session and offer it as a downloadable podcast/teleseminar type product. Again I’d be hoping to keep the cost down to make it accessible for as many as possible.

6 Responses to “Blogging for Dollars Seminar - Seeking Expressions of Interest”

  • So feel like attending but because am an international student in the city, don’t know much about the suburbs.. sniff.

  • It would be in the inner north - just 10 minutes on the tram Dannyfoo

  • I can definitely see the value in this sort of thing as a seminar - also because some of the topics above would be great for those not wanting become a full time pro blogger, but instead just build an authoritative, well-trafficked blog.

    Count me in (well, assuming it’ll take a few weeks to come together - South Yarra is a lot closer to inner north Melb than Brisbane is :-).

  • I’m all for paying for information that would saves me time in research. Every hour I don’t spend researching is time I can invest in something else.

    However, I’ve read this site (and a few others) front to back and if I was going to attend a seminar, I’d want to know that I’d be getting something more than I could read in the comfort of my living room.

    And I’m in Tassie, which is a little far to go, though once my blogs start making money, I could visit friends at the same time and claim a deduction for the trip.

  • I would be interested Darren. I would place myself somewhere in the middle of the knowledge zone that you described.

    I know what a blog is, hey I even know ewhat a podcast is and a vlog. I know how to post to a blog, I very occasionally use Blogger.

    But I have not started to blog seriously, either to gain authority or to monetize a site. I am looking to take that step.

  • I’d be interested, though I’m not likely to make it to Australia anytime soon. But a podcast version would be pretty sweet.

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