Written on October 5th, 2005 at 08:10 pm by Darren Rowse

Attention Apple - time for a PowerUpgrade

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I really hope that this next Apple announcement event has a nice update for the PowerMac like all the rumor sites seem to be hinting about. My little powerbook has been great - but its starting to slow down and I’m looking for some more power and a larger screen.

Next time they upgrade the PowerMac this little blogger is going to snap one up with a couple of nice 20 or 23 inch screens. Then we’ll be blogging with grunt!

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  • Trust me - it is possible to have screens that are too big. Toni is currently using two 19 inch flat screens and I’m looking at 3 17 inch and 1 15 inch flat screens.

    Any bigger and there wouldn’t be room on the desk for them and we’d have to sit so far back from the desk just to focus on the screens that we wouldn’t be able to reach the keyboards :)

  • I’ve tried a 23 inch before and they’re just the right size. It’ll be awesome for a serious blogger.

  • I wish I had at work more than just a 17 inches monitor that flicker when I look at it… So having a dual or triple monitor is even out of my thoughts.

    If I were to buy a laptop, I’d go with a Mac…. They are a big step in front of everyone else I think.

  • I’m toying with the idea of a dual screen set up - 20 or 23 inches - one I would primarily use as a communication window with my email and IM clients, Skype etc. I’d also use it for photoshopping and other miscellaneous activities.

    The other screen would be my primary space for blogging which would include ecto, probably two firefox windows (one for bloglines/news aggregator and the other for general surfing).

    I’d also like the ability to get TV showing on one of them for when stories are breaking that I’m blogging on…..

    I’m unsure though whether two 23inch LCDs is overkill….


  • Darren, sounds like you need *three* displays — communication on one side, blog writing in the middle, and miscellaneous other stuff (photoshop, etc.) on the right. Three 23 inchers might be overkill, but what about three 20 inchers?

  • Or a 20 in the middle and a pair of seventeens on either side.

  • Sounds like my future home-office man. But obviously you’re going to grab the buggers long before I’m able to sustain my life from blogging.

  • must be nice, i’ve got 2 20″ dell widescreens (very nice, and much cheaper than Apple’s), and it suits me fine. one is for browsing, the other working. However if you sit at your computer all day long (which I assume you do, hence the nice change you are making from adsense, etc.) then the bigger screens will probably be a smart investment.

  • I have a 15″ PowerBook and when I’m at my desk it powers its screen and a 24″ Dell LCD. It’s a great setup. I recently got an iCurve for the PowerBook, so it hovers nicely at the same height as the 24″.

  • I have a 17″ LCD and a 20″ CRT at work, and a 17″ CRT and 19″ CRT at home. I also have a few 15″ CRTs at home, but they just take up space and are not currently used.

  • This sounds like the Home Theatre concept [wrt to sound systems] spreading for POwer diplays..
    Well, for a change - Darren you should try the 30″ display of Apple. Check it out on the site.
    Also - I’m sure something better could be coming up on October 12 :)
    Worth a wait…

  • Hey Darren, if you’re going to add a TV tuner card make sure it’s a high-def and grab a 15″ high-def ready monitor for it. The quality difference will knock your socks off and if it’s a slow blogging day the DVDs will look amazing.

  • I bought the 20″ cinema display earlier this year. And Apple lowered its price $200 a few weeks after I purchased it! Other than that, I love it. I would consider splurging on a 23″ since it’s true high-def whereas the 20″ isn’t. But my cinema display, combined with my Powerbook’s 15″ display, is great and gives me 35″ of real estate. :)

  • I’d highly recommend looking into Dell’s 24″ LCD (model: 2405FPW). It’s cheaper than Apple’s displays, has amazing qualities in brightness and contrast and you don’t have to worry about the pink-screen problem that Apple has had with a few of it’s batches of screens.

    Just a thought.

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