Written on October 15th, 2005 at 10:10 am by Darren Rowse

Apple PowerUpgrade Coming?

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Macworld reports that Apple have called another press conference for 19 October:

‘Apple doesn’t say exactly what the press conference will be about, but the invitation sent to MacCentral asks to join them as “we unveil Apple’s latest pro innovations.”’

Sounds promising for a PowerUpgrade - I Can’t Wait!

7 Responses to “Apple PowerUpgrade Coming?”

  • Perhaps to announce their move to Intel chips?

    Or did I miss the memo on that one? :)

  • I think it should be:

    Macworld reports that Apple “has” called

    but hey, I’m no english major. :)

  • Brent: Companies tend to be spoken about in the plural in the UK and Oz, whereas in North America they’re singular. I’m a Brit living in Canada, and I’m always on the watch for odd ‘foreign’ turns of speech that slip into my writing.

    As for Apple, I suspect this will be the last great PowerMac speed bump before next year’s migration to Intel. Although I wouldn’t put it past Steve to surprise us with something completely different.

  • The powerbooks are well overdue for an upgrade too. They bumped the iBooks in July, but it has been like 200 days since the powerbooks have been bumped.

  • I have a 1.25 Ghz G4 Powerbook and I can sure wait. Wait until Intel Powerbooks, that is. Why would anyone spend $2K-$3K for a product that is going to be far inferior to one coming out next year? I’m waiting for the Intel transition.

  • true Marc - however I need a desktop now and not next year. I’d also say that whenever and whatever you purchase will be out of day…

    am definately looking forward to the intel based ones though….but in the mean time I’ll be getting me a powermac

  • 259 days … it’s about time. Yet, I can’t say whether I’ll buy one.

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