Written on September 25th, 2004 at 11:09 am by Darren Rowse

Getting Indexed Through Google AdSense

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One of the theories that often goes around forums that discuss the use of Adsense is that site that use it get indexed faster and higher than sites that don’t. The theory goes that if you use Adsense - Google will want your site to be more successful (and therefore earn them extra money) and so it will do its best to get your site seen by as many people as possible by giving it a high page ranking. Google denies this to be the case in their promotion of Adsense.

I’ve often thought that it would be interesting to test this theory - but never got around to it. Luckily someone else has.

Search Engine Round Table has done a little tester of the theory and believes Google is truly playing fair and not elevating Adsense sites. They write:

‘I personally tested this out on a site. I put up a new site, made sure not to put any links to it. Then I put up AdSense ads and waited. Months later it was still not included in the Google index. Only recently has it been indexed, and I believe that is because someone, somewhere put a link to it. I strongly feel that this theory, although logical, is not correct.’
Read more at Getting Indexed Through Google AdSense

Written on September 25th, 2004 at 12:09 am by Darren Rowse

Blog Farming - Fatten your Blog up to Sell at Market

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Another way of earning revenue from your blog is simply to build it up to sell it. There are not too many examples of blogs that have been sold yet but one that recently went on the market and was sold is Ensight.

I have recently read The E-Myth Revisited and found myself thinking along these lines. In the book it is suggested that one of the best ways to make a profit from a business is to build it up to be sold. He suggested that it is reasonable to expect 10 times the annual profit of a business to be paid for it.

In a sense what we’re talking about here is ‘blog farming’. Similarly to my grandfather who farmed cattle and sheep - he would breed them, fatten them up and then sell them at market - I wonder if we’ll start seeing more bloggers taking a similar approach with their blogs.

I know I’d be willing to consider selling one or two of my blogs for 10 x their annual revenue! Any offers?

You might also be interested to read more about the Ensight sale over at Blog Business World.

Written on September 24th, 2004 at 11:09 pm by Darren Rowse

Blog Post Formats

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Amy at Contentious is writing a series on different types of blog posts which might be of interest to some readers. She’s broken blog posts down into 7 formats and is working through each post (only 3 completed so far.)

1. Link-only

2. Link blurb

3. Brief remark

4. List

5. Short article

6. Long article

7. Series

Why should bloggers understand and care about posting format?…

Bloggers who clearly understand posting formats and consider them consciously are more likely to choose the best format for each posting they publish – one that suits the content as well as the audience and the blogger’s own resources.

Before you start blogging, it helps to envision what your final posting will look like. Remember: your ultimate goal is communication, so it helps to publish in ways that effectively support communication. For text-based blogs, selecting the right format for each posting is a big part of achieving that goal.” Read more - Found via Weblogg-ed

Written on September 24th, 2004 at 06:09 pm by Darren Rowse

Webmaster World - Free Advice for Bloggers on Profitable Blogging

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Webmaster World is probably one of the best places that I can suggest you head over to if you’re interested in developing a profitable blog. It is on my regular rounds of surfing for ideas and discussion about how to get the best out of your website. Of particular interest to me, as a Google Adsense user, is their forum dedicated to the Adsense program. Whilst the discussion rarely mentions blogs and at times can be a little criptic - I’d say I’ve learnt more about how to get the most out of the program through digging through the hundreds (if not thousdands) of threads there. Often users of the forum are pretty secretive about the sites they are talking about and don’t give everything away (and I don’t blame them - tell everyone your secrets and you’ll end up with hundreds of new competitors) but if you’re willing to dig around and read between the lines you can learn a lot.

I remember one afternoon learning one small thing on those forums that doubled my earnings with a simple change to my approach. So it is well worth visiting and participating in the discussions there.

Also in their Marketing section of forums is one dedicated to Search Engine Promotion and another looking at Advertising Sales and Affiliate Programs - both of which are full of useful information.

Add to that the rest of their forums and you’ve got hours, if not days, of rich learning about running a successful website (and most of it is easily transferrable to blogs) - and its all free.

Written on September 24th, 2004 at 03:09 pm by Darren Rowse

Search Engines, Directories and RSS Agregators to Submit your Blog to

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Most Search Engines, Directories and News Aggregators will not find your blog on their own - well not quickly anyway - many need a little help and have ways of suggesting sites to be added to their databases.

Big List of Blog Search Engines is just what it says - a big list of Search Engines, directories, and web-based RSS aggregators that you might want to consider submitting your blog to in order to promote it to web users everywhere.

Written on September 24th, 2004 at 02:09 pm by Darren Rowse

A beginner’s guide to setting up an online store

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I’ve noticed a number of blogger recently who are setting up their own online stores to sell products related to their blog’s topic. Following is an excerpt from a useful article that might help you to begin to think through what such an approach might entail.

‘Online selling is by no means a simple task. To sell products online not only requires making use of high end marketing strategies but also involves lots of planning. This article is meant for those of you who intent to start an online store. It is intended to give you a fair idea of what you would need to do and what you need to avoid while planning an online selling business.

The following are the various steps that you would need to take in order to open a successful online store

The first most important aspect of online selling is to have a professional looking website that is designed to sell. You can go about creating the website from code up using web designers or simply go for readymade website templates. If you are purchasing website templates, be sure to go for templates that are professionally designed and have the option of shopping carts. Buying templates from providers who offer allied services like template customization, web hosting; SEO etc would be even better. Some template providers like ‘buytemplates.ne’; offer allied services irrespective of where you actually purchased the template from. To get a rough idea of how your site should be designed you can take hints from successful online discount stores like http://www.ishopage.com and bestbuy.com.’

Read more at A beginner’s guide to setting up an online store

Written on September 24th, 2004 at 02:09 pm by Darren Rowse

Advertisers Beware: Blog-Fortified “Copy Cops” at Your Doorstep

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Media Daily News has a fascinating article on the rise of blogging and the implications for Advertisers. They give some interesting tips to marketers and brand managers on how to stay three steps ahead of us blogging types.

‘Blog and bloggers have made a huge mark in 2004, and this should give every major marketer and advertiser pause for deep reflection.

Bloggers gave Howard Dean’s campaign early, unexpected momentum. They fanned the flames of the Iraqi prison crisis with rapid distribution of photos, especially the most controversial ones. They catapulted into the mainstream Burger King’s “Viral Chicken” campaign, as well as the controversial “Swift Boat Veteran for Truth” anti-Kerry video. More recently, blogs have showcased new and promising ways for brands like Microsoft, Nike, Nokia, Sun, and HP to reach out to consumers and other stakeholders.

But let the word go forth - to marketers and agencies alike -that the blog revolution brings with it unmistakable tradeoffs and potent new “rules of engagement.” Ignore them at your peril.

New Rules of Accountability

Like it or not, bloggers promise to hold marketers to new levels of accountability, impacting just about everything advertisers do, say, and claim….

“Copy Cops” and Consumer “Shelf Space”

Remember, a blog is basically a diary that logs consumer narratives on a public, non-erasable hard-drive known as the Internet. A good percentage of blog content reflects consumer experiences with “branded” products or services. Because virtually all blog content is indexed on search engines, enabling ready access - dare I say “easy listening” - by other consumers, such narratives take on special meaning and importance….

Looking ahead, brands need to ask harder questions about whether they can meet the new “torture test” established by the newly conscripted (and growing) blog army of product testers and fact-checkers. Brands also need to consider that these truth-soldiers will only get more persuasive as they integrate new “visual” functionality into their blogs, from digital photos, videos (heard of “vlogs”), dynamic links, and more. Indeed, thanks to Steve Job’s iMovie, and the millions being spent by wireless players promoting camera phone usage, consumer generated media is moving to the big leagues of multimedia….

Read more at MediaDailyNews Advertisers Beware: Blog-Fortified “Copy Cops” at your Doorstep

Written on September 24th, 2004 at 02:09 pm by Darren Rowse

Nokia pioneers cellphone blogging

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Tools like those Nokia and Six Apart are developing for moblogging will be very useful for pro-bloggers in the future. The technology is constantly improving to allow updating your blog from virtually anywhere.

‘E-mails and text messages are passe, if you talk to Nokia’s director of multimedia applications Christian Lindholm.

What’s in, according to the “godfather” of mobile phone users in Finland, home of Nokia, is instant “life caching” with cellphones.

“The whole of humanity has memories and we are getting into the business of keeping, enjoying and sharing them with others,” said Lindholm.

Last week, Nokia announced a collaboration with California-based Six Apart to bring the personal blogging experience to a new level early next year.’

Read more at Nokia pioneers cellphone blogging

Written on September 24th, 2004 at 01:09 pm by Darren Rowse

Blogging not leading to financial prosperity

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This article in the Houston Chronicle is all about how bloggers are NOT getting rich - or anywhere near rich - from blogging. It is an interesting read - but as with so many of these articles (and they are appearing more and more) - they tend to focus upon personal or even political bloggers and not those who are focussing upon niche target markets/topics (which is where I think there is most potential to make some decent money with some commitment, creativity and hard work. I also suspect that we’re not hearing too many stories of successful bloggers who are making money partly because such bloggers are not wanting to tell their story for fear of the market being flooded with competitors.

Anyway - here is what they write.

‘If you think those Web journals of opinions and obsessions are a way to get rich, consider Jeff Soyer, a self-described “gay gun nut” in Vermont.

Soyer, who runs the journal Alphecca.com, pleaded for donations last month alongside an image of a tip jar topped by gun-toting cartoon character Yosemite Sam. “Ten bucks buys a box of bullets or feeds my cats for a week,” he wrote.

Days passed and he received nothing. “By next week this domain could belong to a porno site,” he subsequently posted. “Maybe you folks think that would be a better thing. I’m starting to think so, too.” Only after other bloggers linked to his request did he receive enough donations to pay the $117 for a domain name and a year of Web hosting fees.

He’s not the only blogger not getting rich. Bloggers at this summer’s political conventions brought heightened visibility to blogging, but the money, for most bloggers, is still missing.

“There’s a very tiny percentage of people who are making anywhere close to a living from blogs,” said Sreenath Sreenivasan, professor of new media at Columbia University.

Andrew Sullivan, former editor of The New Republic, has a high-profile blog that takes American Express and PayPal payments and posts an address for checks or money orders. Bloggers point to Sullivan as the blogger most likely to be succeeding.

But Sullivan said in an e-mail he makes his living through freelance writing and speaking. “I’ve managed to pay all my expenses and an intern and give myself a minuscule salary, thanks to the generosity of my readers,” he wrote. “I couldn’t live off the blog alone, and I see no prospect of that happening in the near future, despite having one of the biggest audiences.”

The money that is in blogland goes to only a few.’

Read more at HoustonChronicle.com - Blogging not leading to financial prosperity

Written on September 24th, 2004 at 12:09 pm by Darren Rowse

Paid Contextual Advertising Driving Search Towards Personalization

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‘The Internet is in the midst of another technological revolution, the effect of which will change the ways we will access information and entertainment. Innovation on many core technologies has changed the online marketing environment and the ways commercial information is offered to us. Paid placement based on keyword targeting is a rudimentary example and is currently a major force driving decisions in the industry. The two most successful paid-placement/contextual-delivery programs, Adwords and Overture have been joined by dozens of smaller paid-placement/contextual-delivery engines such as E-Spotting, FindWhat, and Kanoodle. With a market that appears to be growing exponentially, the business potential of providing truly guaranteed listings is enormous. Effectively managing paid marketing efforts is important and tailoring advertising campaigns to maximize revenues will be an artful science.

Read More at Paid Contextual Advertising Driving Search Towards Personalization


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