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How to Eliminate the Echo Chamber and Add New Dimensions to Your Blog

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Echo-ChamberOne of the better posts I’ve seen recently is by Chris Pirillo writing about ways to eliminate the ‘echo chamber’. It’s a post that I’m sure many bloggers will find a challenge (I know I did). Here are his main points (in bold) with a few comments of my own (the non bolded stuff) on some of them. I’m not sure I’d be quite as extreme as Chris suggests - but there’s food for thought in the list and I suspect that enacting some of his suggestions from would add new dimensions to a blog (and maybe even help a little with the echo chamber thing too):

1. Don’t live inside your news aggregator

I was actually thinking to myself yesterday that my news aggregator has become way too central in my blogging. While I love the way it helps me to keep my finger on the pulse of many aspects of life I do worry from time to time that it has the potential to suck the creativity out of me as a blogger as it’s very easy to use it as a lead generating machine and allow it to determine much of what you post on your blogs.

2. Say something original at least once a day

- One of the results of living in your news aggregator is that it’s easy to get lazy and to recycle news and ideas from others - at the expense of exercising your own brain power and developing some original ideas of your own. I’ve got nothing against bouncing off others ideas (I’m doing it now) but starting conversations rather than just responding to others or reporting on the conversations that others start can lead bloggers into a fairly one dimensional type of blogging.

3. If warranted, quote an “unknown” source

Chris is spot on with this. It’s easy to only read the A-lister and use them as the source of a story, but the fact is that there are many other talented bloggers who are saying similar things that also deserve attention. This is of course a challenge (as are all other 9 points) as it can be difficult to find the quality ‘unknown source’ partly because no one is linking to them (hence they are unknown). I guess what I’m saying is that sometimes it takes a little work to find them - but it’s worth it when you do.

4. Don’t link to the same site more than once every two weeks

I’m not sure I’d put a time limit on it but the principle behind this is a strong one. I hesitate to say this (for looking arrogant and not wanting to offend) but I’ve come across a number of blogs in the last year that link to enternetusers in almost every post. It’s almost like reading enternetusers itself they refer to it so much. Now - I’m very grateful for the links and am flattered by it (truly I am) but I also feel like saying to these bloggers (and sometimes I have) that perhaps it would be good to not only respond to what I write but to find some other sources for stories also. If their readers just wanted to read enternetusers stories they’d subscribe to enternetusers. I know it’s easy to fall into this trap at times (to different extents) as sometimes it’s just easier to always bounce off the one blogger with whom you resonate with - but in doing so you’re also likely to be creating a somewhat empty blog.

5. Wait a week before publishing your thoughts on hot topics

It’s always a challenge to know how to write on a topic that everyone else is writing on. On the one hand unless you’re the one breaking the news your post can on it does have the ‘me to’ feel to it - but on the other hand you feel that if you don’t write something about it some of your readers might miss the story and you’ll end up getting email after email telling you you’ve missed it. Chris suggests that one way to combat this is to wait a week before posting. I think this is one good option as it gives you a chance to not only report a story but add your thoughts (which have had a week to mater) to it and make the post more than just a news report.

6. Create, don’t regurgitate

Lots of blogs report on the cool things that others are doing in their niche but sometimes it’s nice to be the one doing the cool thing in your niche.

7. Think twice before using buzzwords

Every niche has its jargon and buzzwords but I’m constantly reminded (by emails from readers asking me to explain what I mean when I use them) that quite often the people who read blogs and the people who write them live in different worlds. Lots of people accuse the Web 2.0 niche of this but I’d argue that every niche has its buzzwords that you should think twice about using.

8. Make yourself uncomfortable

I’ve long been a believer in this. It’s often not until you’re out of your comfort zone that you’re able to grow. It’s a principle of life and one of blogging also - too many of us are way to comfortable in our blogging (PS: perhaps this is what Chris was thinking about when he did this - by the way - not for the easily offended).

9. Stop whining (or worrying) about what list you’re on (or not on)

I wonder who he was thinking of when he wrote this point. I can think of a few bloggers that I might send it to who seem obsessed with their blog’s rankings in different indexes. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with have a well ranked or highly regarded blog, there’s more to life and I suspect the people who are concerned with them could be a lot more highly ranked if they actually stopped focussing on them and started blogging with creativity, originality and passion.

10. Stop saying we need to get out of the echo chamber

Hmmm - a nice challenge to end on - although… “The day for blogging about blogging, and podcasting about podcasting, is long gone.” OUCH! :-)

Here is one more of my own that came to mind while I read Chris’s list:

11. Look outside the Blogosphere

As long as we, as bloggers, continue to look at each other for inspiration, ideas and creativity we will limit ourselves. Read books, see movies, buy the newspaper, take a class or… if you’re really game… talk to a friend. All of these things (and many others) help ensure we ‘get a life’ and will help us to take our blogging to a new fresh level.

Chris makes some great points (some of which I went against in writing this very post). While I love blogging and the blogosphere - I do sometimes wonder if we’ve created our own little universe (language, rhythms, rules, culture etc). While it’s wonderful it can also be quite insular and self important. Like Chris acknowledges in his post - it’s not easy to get out of the patterns we (as a blogosphere but also as individuals within it) have gotten into. Hopefully some of what’s above reminds us to step back from it all occasionally and ask some good questions about what we’re becoming.

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Microsoft adCenter Start Inviting Advertisers to Join Pilot - Glimmer of Hope for Publishers

Advertising 5 comments

Jennifer has posted that Microsoft have just sent out invitations to selected advertisers for adCenter - their contextual advertising program’s pilot program in the coming months.

She notes that the invitation indicates that ads will be primarily places upon MSN sites but that in using that word there is a chance that they might make it available for other publishers to run the ads (similar to AdSense and YPN).

This is one of the few indications to publishers that there is a chance of Microsoft heading in this direction sooner than later.

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How to Apply for a Blog Job

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So you want a blog job……

Well some of you seem to if the amount of traffic and subscribers to the feed at the Job Boards are anything to go by.

I’ve just been chatting to a number of the advertisers who have listed jobs and there have been three resounding pieces of feedback:

  1. They have had a lot of applicants.
  2. They’ve had some amazing quality applicants.
  3. They’ve also had some applicants who are not doing themselves any favors in the way they’ve applied for positions.

It’s this last point that I’d like to address in this post.

The fact is that there are significantly more people looking for blog jobs than there are jobs on the market at present. This is definitely changing as more businesses and networks emerge - however for the time being, if you are a blogger looking for work, you need to think quite carefully about how you apply for blogging jobs.

Here are 11 tips to keep in mind as you apply:

1. Act Quickly

Jobs are going quickly. Just a day after opening the boards I’d heard back from numerous advertisers that they thought they’d already found someone for their jobs. While I’d encourage applicants not to rush the process (and come across as not having thought it through) I would suggest that you need to act reasonably quickly when applying for a blog job or you could miss out. 24 hours is a long time in blogging - take any longer than that to express your interest in a job and you might miss out on it.

2. Follow the Instructions

Many of those advertising ask for specific things to be included in their applications. Some ask for examples of writing, others ask for links to your blogs, others ask you to answer a question and all ask you to apply in a certain way (generally via email to a certain email address). A consistent piece of feedback from advertisers has been that many applicants fail to apply in a way that is consistent with the instructions. Failing to show that you can follow steps outlined in a job advertisement isn’t a good first impression to a prospective employer.

3. Sell Yourself

I’ve noticed that at b5 when we last opened up for applications to join the network that quite a few bloggers seemed to be suffering from inferiority complexes and sent in applications that could almost have been interpreted as a list of reasons NOT to hire them. As with any other non blogging job, applicants should see their application as an opportunity to sell themselves for the blog in question. Give concise reasons why you would be good for the blog. Talk about your experience, your knowledge of the topic, your passion for communication, the way you work with others etc. There’s no need to present yourself as something that you’re not or to hype yourself up - but as you write ask yourself whether what you’re adding to your application would make someone more or less likely to hire you.

4. Write Well

Blogging is a written medium and your written application gives your prospective employer a hint as to how well you will perform. See your application as an audition in and of itself and put together a well written, well spelt, well structured application that demonstrates your grasp of grammar and the written language and you’ll be a step closer to securing the position.

5. Give examples of Your work

Most job ads ask for examples of your work so you should be prepared to give them as they can make or break your chances. There are a number of things to consider in the choices you make around what to give as examples:

  • unless asked for full written examples include links to your work on your own blog/site (something a number of advertisers have fed back to me)
  • if you do need to include full examples, put them at the end of your application where they won’t disrupt the flow of your application letter
  • pick examples of your work that relate to the blog you’re applying for (for example pick examples that highlight your expertise in the topic and show off the style of writing that the blog would be in
  • pick a number of posts that show your versatility and diversity of writing styles (ie you might like to submit a list post, a humorous post and a ‘how to’ type post.
  • if you don’t have a suitable example already - write one specifically for the application

6. Be Concise

Advertisers are reporting that they are getting quite a few applications. I know from personal experience that it takes time to wade through them all so you can stand out by being concise and not overwhelming people with your applications. Don’t be too concise however as you do need to include everything that they ask for and sell yourself (see above).

7. Demonstrate a Knowledge of Blogging

Different jobs require different levels of experience in different fields but it would usually be an advantage to show your understanding of the medium. You can do this by showing your own blog (with a link) if you have one and ensuring that when your potential employer goes to look at it that it’s updated, professional and working. Give examples of how you’ve built your blog over time. If you don’t already have a blog then I’d highly recommend starting one. In my experience, most blog employers are looking for someone with at least some experience in blogging and even a basic personal one that you can show as an example of how you can maintain a blog over the long term can help your application.

8. Demonstrate a Knowledge of the Topic

This is vital in most cases. People don’t generally employ or contract people to write a blog for them on a topic that they have no knowledge in or passion for. Show that you have a good grasp of the topic by talking a little about it and how you’d tackle the blog. The examples of your writing can be a great place to do this.

9. Don’t apply for everything

I’ve discovered over the last few years that there are a few bloggers out there that are serial appliers for blog jobs. No matter what the topic they seem to apply for it, even though they have little or no understanding of the topic in many cases. While I know it can be frustrating to see jobs advertised that you’re not suitable for - it doesn’t do your reputation much good if you apply for them anyway.

10. Demonstrate that you’re willing to go beyond writing well

Over the last few months I’ve noticed a change in how blog networks are advertising for bloggers. While previously they seemed to be just looking for writers - these days they are also looking for people who will go beyond the basics of adding content and are looking for people who will demonstrate an ability to build a blog in other ways. So if you feel you have expertise in another area than just writing demonstrate this also. It might be blog promotion and marketing, it could be building community on a blog , it might be SEO or it could be blog design. The more skills you bring to the blog the more likely you are to get a second look in the initial filtering stage.

11. Stand Out from the Crowd

I’ve already alluded to the fact that there seems to be a significant oversupply in bloggers in comparison to blog jobs at present. This is definitely changing however you need to assume that when you send a job blog application that it will be one of a number of others. As a result you need to consider how you’ll stand out. You can do this by doing all of the above - but you might also want to consider how you can go above and beyond to get the attention of your potential employer. Don’t be gimmicky or cheesy - but be creative and entrepreneurial and you could just get an edge.

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Chitika allow Embedding of ShopLinc via iFrames

Chitika eMiniMalls 4 comments

Chitika have posted on their blog that their Shoplincs can now be embedded in iframes on your site (if you’ve been accepted into the program).

You can see their article on how to do it in their knowledge base.

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enternetusers Hack Update

enternetusers Site News 24 comments

For an hour or two in the early hours of this morning (my time) the server that enternetusers is hosted on was hacked by someone with a political message.

They targeted index pages on a number of sites including enternetusers, enternetusers’s Job Boards, Digital Photography Blog and a number of other blogs that I’m associated with.

Thank you to everyone who has emailed to let me know (I have an inbox with well over 100 emails with the word ‘hacked’ in it. I do appreciate everyones concern and offers of assistance.

Thanks to my great server guy Regan who was on the case very quickly we’re gradually coming back up online on the sites that were effected. Both PB and PBJB are now back up and running and my other blogs (including DPB) will be back to normal later in the day.

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Using Stories in Blogging

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Story-1Last week I spoke on the topic of Business Blogging at a Melbourne gathering of the Australian InterActive Media Association with Cameron and Ben.

I enjoyed the presentation times but particularly enjoyed a number of the interactions I had afterwards over drinks.

Three of those that I chatted to for a while were Gabrielle, Yamini and Lyn from a company called One Thousand and One. They grabbed my attention within seconds of telling me what they do as a business - they are into ‘Organisational Storytelling’.

To be honest I’d not heard of Organisational Storytelling previously but even on hearing the phrase for the first time I knew that it was something that could be quite powerful and something that I could immediately see connecting points with blogging.

As a small part of my presentation on Business Blogging I had mentioned that some of the more effective business blogs that I’d come across integrated ’story’ into their content.

Stories engage people in a completely different way to any other form of communication that I’ve come across and on blogs I find that they can be particularly powerful.

Rather than blogs degenerating into ’spin’ machines I encouraged people to think about injecting personality into them by sharing stories on a number of levels:


  • Company or Business Story - every company has their own story. How it started, it’s evolution, it’s successes and failures, it’s lessons learnt and how it’s interacted within it’s industry.
  • Product Stories - in a similar way, each product or service within a company has a story. How the idea was born, what needs it was designed to meet, what versions and evolutions it’s been through and how customers are using it.
  • Employee Stories - a business is only ever as good as it’s employees and every one of them has their own story. These stories are important as they illustrate what the employees bring to the job that they do (experiences, passions, skills etc) but they also empower the employee and give a personal face to a company.
  • Customer Stories - telling the stories of customers (with permission of course) can be a very powerful thing both internally and externally for a business. The interactions a company and customer have are great for learning and education of staff, they help to illustrate the values of a company and if done well can be incredibly empowering for a customer.

My point in the presentation I gave was that blogs were wonderful places to tell stories. I briefly illustrated the point by mentioning the AdSense blog - Inside AdSense.

I’ve long admired the group behind this blog because whilst they are just one department in a massive company they have developed a blog that is quite personal. They do this in numerous ways but one of them is by telling stories and by personalizing posts by adding photos of employees, using humor and putting faces to the company.

Story-1-2AdSense also has used the stories of their clients (publishers) quite effectively at time. Handing things over to actual publisher to share their story and give their own tips is something that I’m sure those publishers who are featured are proud of but that readers also find valuable (there’s nothing like a real life example to inspire you).

They don’t do this in every post (most of their posts are quite informational in nature) but they do it enough to break down some of the corporate and ’spin’ feel that such a blog could operate with.

Stories can be used in many ways on a blog both in business blogging and in other varieties of blogs.

I know here at enternetusers that it’s my posts with stories that people seem to respond to the most. For example my day in the life of a enternetusers post has always been popular and even my About Pages have elements of story in them (see more on them here).

For more examples of story posts here at enternetusers also check out:

In each case I’ve had a lot of email and comments from readers - the stories engaged them on a level that they wouldn’t have gotten to with purely informational type posts.

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Akismet Suffers Comment Spam Downtime

Blogging Tools and Services 20 comments

Akismet users might have noticed an increase in comment spam getting through the system over the past 24 hours. It seems that they had some downtime as a result of an update that allowed quite a bit of spam to get through.

It seems to have settled now but for a few hours there last night I was swamped with the stuff (I was deleting it only just as fast as it was coming in). It made me realize just how much spam they usually stop for me (my counter shows that it’s stopped just under 22,000 comment spams in the last 15 days).

All is back up and running now - sorry for those of you who were exposed to the crud that was through my comments last night and to those who had trouble commenting (I switched to a higher level of moderation for a while there).

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Brian’s CopyWriting Book Recommendations

Miscellaneous Blog Tips 5 comments

A couple of weeks ago when I published my Essential Books for bloggers I asked a number of other bloggers for their recommendations on what they considered to be excellent resources in the different aspects of blogging.

Since then a number of others have suggested books including one of my favorite bloggers, Brian Clark from Copyblogger.

Brian sent me an email recommending the following four books (aff links at Amazon) and has been kind enough to add some reasons for why he likes them. They all relate to copywriting. Here are his recommendations (thanks Brian) which I’ve added to my original list of books for bloggers. I’ve also just ordered each of them and can’t wait to get my next Amazon package - $80 well spent I’d say.

Advertising Secrets of the Written Word by Joe Sugarman

A book that does a great job of explaining the goals and methods of copywriting in an engaging way. Really good for newbies

Tested Advertising Methods — John Caples

An old book that’s been updated. Timeless advice and examples for headline and all other elements of good copy

Ogilvy on Advertising - David Ogilvy

I nice blend of information mixed in with the life of an advertising icon

The Story Factor — Annette Simmons

A storytelling book rather than pure copy, but it’s really the same thing. This book will blow people away with the possibilities for storytelling in business and marketing.

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Telegraph Caught Republishing Blogger’s Post Without Acknowledgement

Pro Blogging News 18 comments

This tale of the Telegraph Newspaper foolish action in publishing a bloggers post without permission, acknowledgment of source and under one of it’s author’s name (all they did was change the heading) has left me shaking my head today. Very odd.

See the original post, a cached version of the copy (the actual article on the website has now disappeared) and the author’s reflections.

I wonder whether they’ll go beyond deleting the evidence and make some sort of an apology?

update: The Telegraph’s author has posted an explanation here.

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Lists Group Writing Project - Categorized

General 21 comments

During the Last Group Writing Project (on the topic of Lists) I was quite overwhelmed by the number of entries. The list that we ended up with had a total of 301 lists.

The main problem with the final list of entries was that despite containing a lot of great posts - it was difficult to find posts that would interest you as they were in no way classified.

As a result I decided that I’d commission a fellow blogger, Christina Jones from eBeauty Daily, to see if she’d come up with a way of making some sense of it.

Here’s how she’s done it (thanks Christina!)


1. Essential Books for Bloggers by Darren
2. 7 1/2 pieces of Blogging Software I have used by Stanley
3. Get your post listed on 25 sites in 10 Minutes by Sante
4. Should I Add Your blog? by George
5. Seven Ways to Communicate Value with Your Blog by Nathaniel
6. Top 10 Things I’ve Learned from enternetusers by Retrospector
7. 5 Reasons Why AdSense Link Units Work So Well by Gleb
8. Top Ten Reasons you Should not blog by Josh
9. Top 10 Ways to Get a Technorati Top 100 Blogger to Link to Your Blog or Website by Michael
10. How to Loose Traffic on Your Blog in 10 days by Chad
11. How I Set Up WordPress by Dominic
12. 5 and a half reasons why Internet trolls are awesome by Yvonne
13. 6 Reasons I love Blogging by Leroy
14. What are your online creations and activities next to your weblog? by Jan
15. Signs of the Upcoming Blogamageddon and 20 Things Every Blogger Should Know to Prevent it by engtech
16. The A-Z of RSS by Scott
17. The Problem with Writing... 25 Things to Know BEFORE You Write for a Living by Liz
18. Five Searches That Have Brought People to Couch Culture by Statier
19. Stuck? 49 ways to crack writer’s block by TDavid
20. Top 3 Reasons YoU’L Love Ordered Lists by Damien
21. 10 Ways to Feature Crucial Posts by John
22. 5 reasons to have a List on your Blog by Liam
23. enternetusers’s List Meme by Naomi
24. Sixteen Scintillating Short Story Starters by Trevor
25. Top 5 Reasons I’ll Never Make a Lot Of Money Out of TheGeoffRe(y)port by Geoff
26. NY Times my arse… Here is where I get my news by Jay
27. Taking the muse for a long awaited walk by Benjamin
28. Love to Learn from Blogging by Chris
29. 7 Reasons Why Joining a Blog Network Might Take You to Another Level by Martin
30. 6 Reasons I am Blog Breaking Until September by Nick
31. Best Blogs for Web Publishers by Tolvo
32. PC Poctor blog stats - how the visitor landscape is changing by Adrian
33. The Ten WordPress Plugins For Super Bloggers by Helder
34. Aristotle’s Top 3 Tips for Effective Blogging by Brian
35. Boot the Blog exchange! 20 Ways to Generate REAL traffic! by Leon
36. 8 Articles: Übergeek Methods to Drive Web Traffic by Blake (sponsor)
37. Top Reasons Why I will Never Be a Popular Blogger by Sarah
38. Confessions of a Serial Blog Deleter: or, 5 reasons to keep blogging by Johnathon
39. Top researchers list 11 reasons behind the blog pandemic by Sarang
40. Blogger Beta - 8 New Features and 8 New Issues by Ram
41. Love in a Blog by Laurie
42. 14 Accomplishments of a Newbie Blogger by Razib
43. 7 Usability Wordpress Plugins by Thomas
44. 5 Ways to Use MySpace to Reach Your Readers by Dee
45. You Know That Blogging is Taking Over Your Life When… by Kailani
46. 10 Essential Ways to Improve Your Profile as a Blogger by Susan
47. 10 Blogs You Should be Reading by SB
48. Making a Site Inaccessible - Things I used to Do by Phil
49. Nine of My Favorite WordPress Plugins by Sarah
50. Should I Add Your blog? by George
51. Seven Ways to Communicate Value with Your Blog by Nathaniel
52. Top Ten Reasons you Should not blog by Josh
53. Three Reasons Why I don’t Give Good Comment by Jeannette
54. How to Keep Spam out of your Blog by John
55. Starting a Blog? Here Are 8 Different Blogging Business Models by Hendry

Business / Careers

56. 5 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Workout by Eric
57. Top 10 Crowdsourcing Companies by Daniel
58. Lists for Math Teachers and Other Educators by Damon
59. Jumpstart your Real Estate blog (or any other blog for that matter) by phd
60. How Not to Lose Your Ass - Customer Satisfaction by Charlie
61. How to Ruin Your Corporate Blog: 100 Tips by 10 Bloggers by Easton
62. 7 Things to do at the office under the Radar by Tom
63. Business Needs Passion by Anna
64. Top 10 Women Real Estate Bloggers by Rudolph
65. 10 Questions to Ask Before You Work At a Startup by Nate
66. The architects Pen by Calvin
67. Become a Consultant - Big List of Reasons by Andrea
68. Setting Up a Home Office - 5 Things You Need and 5 Things You Want by Home Office Blues
69. Starting Your Own Business? Keep these things in Mind! by Jennifer
70. 5 Clues that Your Home Office Has Too Much Clutter by Culleann
71. Ten Ways to Build Moats to Hold Back the Competition by George
72. 3 Problems Business Bloggers Face by Ahmed
73. Best of Small Biz Survival by Becky
74. Best Current Deals, Promotions, and Sign Up Bonuses by Jason
75. 5 Ways to Improve your Affiliate Sales by Chris
76. 10 Ways to Have a Horrible Seminar by Sue
77. 10 Things You Find in Every Office by Tao
78. How to Screw Up Hiring a Newbie by Pawel
79. My Top 4 Mistakes as an Entrepreneur by Ben
80. Cumbaya Management Essentials by Peter
81. NO!SPEC Campaign: Rundown and Roundup by Cat
82. 10 minus 3 steps on how to become an Oracle ERP Consultant? by Nilesh
83. Apprehending REaltor 2.0: Seven essential skills of the 21st century real estate agent by Greg
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85. 5 games industry job interview tips by Rick
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87. Top 7 Freebies I’ve received by ricemutt
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111. 7 Reasons I Can’t Wait for the surf Active Apparel website 1cecilia28 zone.Fall TV Season to Start by Jason
112. 5 Benjamin Bratt Movies Worth Your Time; and 9.4 “Law & Order” episodes, too by Brattfan
113. The 11 New Fall Shows I can’t Wait to See by Adam
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Health & Self Improvement

117. 10 steps to improve your ESP, healing and psychic abilities by Jacob
118. AAA list of 11 important advantages to list writing by Darren
119. Five Ways to Make Yourself Miserable by Rick
120. Five ways to get beyond an artistic block by Laurie
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