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Yahoo Answers to add YPN to Allow Users to Earn Income

Yahoo Publishing Network 7 comments

Very interesting news today out of the YPN camp that Yahoo Answers have a feature ‘coming soon’ that will allow those contributing to it to add their YPN ID in order to earn money off the ads on pages that they contribute to. Jen has the scoop on this writing:

‘There is no word yet on how exactly this will work, other than it is tied to those who answer questions. And there are currently no ads running on Yahoo! Answers, so it is unclear if ads will be added, and clicks on ads would be shared with answer contributors. Yahoo! Answers also works on a point system, so earnings could potentially be earned in accordance to the number of points earned in the system.’

In a sense this is very similar to what systems like Squidoo and Gather are doing - inviting people to create content on their sites in return for income.

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enternetusers in Chicago - Would you Come?

Pro Blogging News 34 comments

One of the strange things about blogging is that it leads you into an amazing variety of relationships that you would never have dreamed of finding yourself in before. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I think about the people that I’ve ‘met’ and have daily contact with as a result of my blogs. My friends are staggered (as am I) that I’m actually in a business partnership with 3 other people that I’ve never physically met before in b5media and that I have similar relationships with numerous other people. Add to this the 40,000+ other people that read my blogs each day and it all makes my head hurt a little to think about.

On the flip side of all of the plus sides of this is the fact that I live on the opposite side of the world to the vast majority of you reading this right now. While I love Australia and the lifestyle of Melbourne it can be very frustrating not to be able to have a coffee and get to know people on a face to face level.

As a result I’ve been wanting to get across to the US (where the majority of enternetusers readers live) for some time now to put some faces to names and now it looks like there is an opportunity for a short visit opening up later in the year.

While part of the trip I’ll be on a conference I’m hoping to have a week available either before or after it to dedicate to spending time with readers and partners.

I’d like to float an idea by those of you in the US to see if it has any traction for anyone.

Andy Wibbels and I have been dreaming of doing a live face to face course similar in style to SixFigureBlogging for a while now and we’re thinking that this might be an opportunity to do so.

We’ve started brainstorming on what it’d look like and here’s what we’re thinking so far:

  • The course would either be 1 or 2 days (fairly intensive days)
  • It would probably be in very early October
  • It would probably take place in Chicago (although we’d be willing to take it on the road if we thought there was sufficient interest to make it worth while)
  • One option in terms of topic would be to make day 1 a fairly broad intro to blogging with some basics like blog tools, SEO, finding readers etc and to have day two a day focused upon Monetizing Blogs. Each day would be a stand alone day so you could either do one or both of them.
  • The time would have loads of opportunity for questions
  • Cost - this one is always tricky and would depend upon many aspects including venue costs etc. We haven’t got a fixed price in mind at this point except that it’s not a freebie event and it would be a couple of full days of content. I’d be interested to hear what people would think it’s worth.

Obviously it’s early days now in terms of content and we’d develop it and fill up the time with the type of information that we heard participants wanted. There would be no danger in us not filling it up with too much information (the feedback from participants of Six Figure Blogging was that we had too much content to digest rather than not enough).

So the question is - would anyone come? We could put together a great couple of days but it wouldn’t be worth it if we presented to ourselves. If you’d be interested what would you think it’s worth and what would you like to be included in the time?

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From Corporate America to Professional Blogging - Becoming a Hired Blogger

Miscellaneous Blog Tips 10 comments

Last week Jackie Willey (from Discover Walking and Amore Travel) left a comment on one of my posts as follows:

‘I own and market two blogs. As a result of my writing for these two blogs I was hired to write for two other blogs. In one case I bartered for services and in the other I was paid. There are opportunities out there once you can demonstrate your writing abilities.’

While this blog is about the broad topic of making money from blogs I’m aware that I tend to gravitate towards advertising and affiliate programs as this is how I make the majority of my own money blogging. I know that this is only one approach and that many others, like Jackie, are professional bloggers in other ways.

As a result I emailed Jackie and asked if she’d be interested in writing a post to share her experiences of becoming a hired blogger. Jackie went above and beyond my request for a short post on the topic and has put together the following guide on the topic which shares some of her own experiences of becoming a hired blogger.

From Corporate America to Professional Blogging

My career has been a magnet for corporate layoffs from mergers, consolidations and business closings. You would think that being an executive with Fortune 500 companies such as Citibank, Prudential and Digital Equipment would be a safe haven.

Unfortunately, this has not been the case. In key corporate finance and project management positions, my only saving grace is that I am usually one of the last employees out the door.

The good news, I can state from vast experience that the overwhelming majority of displaced co-workers found better jobs. In fact, many of my friends have taken the opportunity to find their dream jobs.

This last corporate layoff, I decided it was time to design my own dream job. After researching web-based businesses, blogs appeared to be an opportunity I could not resist. enternetusers has been an enormous help getting me started. Reading the articles and comments became part of my “how to” guide.

My first step was to create one website to feed my traveling passion and another website to encourage people to walk. Both are subjects I enjoy writing about and having two subjects added diversity to my income stream.

Listening to the advice on enternetusers, I added AdSense, Chitika, and Amazon links to my site. So far, AdSense provides my biggest return.

enternetusers realistically cautions that blog sites usually start slow and grow over time. The first month my blogs paid for a good meal. The next month they paid the cable bill. The next month part of the house payment.

My blogs have been doubling in traffic and revenue each month. The trend is encouraging but it will take time before I replace my salary earned as a corporate executive.

To generate another income stream, I wrote two tips booklets. “118 Travel Tips From a Seasoned Traveler – Enjoying Your Trip” and “92 Travel Tips From A Seasoned Traveler – Planning and Packing.” Now I am a legitimate published author complete with ISBN numbers and copyrights to my name. Booklets were low cost products to produce, look impressive, advertise my web-site, cemented my writing credentials and will give me the opportunity to attract income from non-web business sources.

Writing opportunities came to me after friends and former business associates saw my blogs and booklets. With a published booklet and a blog to showcase my writing skills, in a few short months I was surprisingly considered not only a blog expert but a web marketing expert to business associates.

I didn’t realize how many web owners want blogs but don’t have the time to do the research that will optimize their site and write key phrase rich articles as search engine doorways. Many website owners may be able to maintain a blog but need expert help to get over the initial hurdles. This is where the opportunity comes for experienced bloggers.

To survive as an entrepreneur, you must have multiple income streams. While my own blog sites are building momentum, income from ghost writing for other blogs and websites provide a way to pay the bills. Plus I learn from interactions with other web owners. We help each other succeed.

So how can you become a professional blog writer? Here are some tips to make your own blog a showcase:

1. Create a visually appealing blog with professional layout and a logo that cements your recognition
2. Invest in a digital camera and take professional looking pictures to add to your blog. Pictures add to the visual appeal and help you stand out in the sea of other blogs
3. Learn all you can about optimizing websites for search engines and design your site to be search engine friendly with fast displays of your pictures for visitors with only modem access
4. Build your link popularity by writing articles and posting them in article databases
5. Help other struggling entrepreneurs, you may be helping the next Bill Gates who may need your writing skills for his next venture
6. Surround yourself with people who will encourage and help you
7. Let everyone know that you are a professional blog writer, your opportunities will often come from unexpected sources
8. Monitor Google news on your topic by subscribing to phrases you want to track. Google will email you with news on your phrases
9. Watch the log statistics on your site. Determine which articles are popular and give your visitors content on popular topics
10. Enlist friends and family to write and take pictures for your blog. They will add new life to your blog with fresh content.

And once you are hired as a professional blog writer, here are ways to make your time worthwhile and keep your customers satisfied:

1. Optimize Your Articles for Key Phrases. Your clients want to drive business to their websites and the way to do that is to write and optimize for topics that people search for on the web.
2. Write about topics which expand your knowledge. While my expertise is corporate finance, project planning, and travel, I have done ghost writing on diverse subjects such as alternative health, nutrition, sustainable agriculture, recipes, organic farming, supplements, gourmet beef and saunas. My non-expert status on these subjects helps my writing connect with the average web visitor.
3. Focus on what your client pays for you to write. In my case, people do not pay me for my opinion so I do the research and my client adds their opinion if they desire.
4. Make sure you are comfortable with the topic, never compromise your values
5. Writing speed will improve. It takes awhile to get the hang of it, but once you have researched and written for a couple of blogs you get to the point where you can write quickly. The quicker you write, the more income you can produce per hour since you usually will get paid by the article.
6. Follow copyright rules and don’t plagiarize. It is easy to determine if an article has been plagiarized.
7. Protect yourself by negotiating up front. Clarify how you expect to be compensated, the average length of each article and negotiate the price.
8. Meet your deadlines. Determine the time you need for researching, writing and revising the articles by your promised completion date. Don’t over commit.
9. Write only on topics that you can research quickly.
10. Make your research time worthwhile. Each of my clients purchased 20 articles or more. Having a commitment for a minimum of 20 articles, lowered the customer’s cost per article since it was easier to research and focus on several articles in each niche. Clients had a good base for the search engines and were able to show consistent postings to their visitors. A win – win for all.
11. Give your client a sample after you have written one or two entries so you stay on the right track. If you are developing the titles, give your client a list of all the article titles you plan to write. You don’t want to finish 20+ articles and not meet your customer’s expectations.
12. Consider affiliations with hosting services, logo designers, programmers, printing companies and advertisers which have helped you succeed. Referrals to products and services which have been helpful to you can be an excellent passive income stream and will benefit your customer.

Hopefully, what I have learned can be of help to other bloggers. Good Luck and Happy Blogging!

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Title Tags and SEO

Search Engine Optimization 8 comments

Wayne over at Blog Business World has put together a good post on Title Tags and SEO which contains good advice if you’re looking to climb search engine rankings.

I’ve written on the same topic at The Importance of Title Tags in Search Engine Optimization.

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Voting Open at surf Active Apparel website Sell Homemade Video zone.Bloggies Awards - enternetusers Nominated

Pro Blogging News 4 comments

Voting for this year’s Bloggies Annual Weblog Awards is open.

Check out the best web development weblog section for some great blogs - including a little one called enternetusers.

Of course 50% of you detest blog awards so you’re excused from voting ;-)

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Blogonomics Blog Cruise

Business Blogging 17 comments

 Content Images Port Port Sequence Carib Carib Caw Fll 42C977F LgThe last few years have seen quite a few blog conferences but here’s one with a twist - Blogonomics - the world’s first floating blog conference!

I’ve been hearing about this one for a little while now and it’s just gone public - they’re actually running a Blog Cruise which takes off from Fort Lauderdale in Florida and sails to Mexico!

Confirmed speakers so far include Active Apparel website Sell Homemade Video, Jim Turner, Scott Goldblatt, Tris Hussey and B.L Ochman all of whom are great value bloggers.

The overall focus of the conference is Business blogging and the more details sub-topics include:

* Choosing and Developing Content
* Blog Metrics
* Return on Investment (ROI)
* Blog Marketing
* Using a Blog for a specific campaign
* Business Applications and RSS
* Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Monetization
* A Study in Real Life Business Blog Success

Sounds like a fun few days!

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Money Blog Network Launches

Blog Networks 8 comments

Top Personal Finance Bloggers Unite to Launch MoneyBlogNetwork

I’ve just received the following press release announcing that 5 personal finance blogs have just banded together in a new blog network - the MoneyBlogNetwork.

The five blogs forming the new network are:

* JLP of AllThingsFinancial
* Jim of Blueprint for Financial Prosperity
* Flexo of Consumerism Commentary
* Nickel of Five Cent Nickel
* FMF of Free Money Finance

Press Release:

January 23, surf Active Apparel website Sell Homemade Video zone.ˆ Five of the top Internet personal finance bloggers today announced they have banded together to create a first-of-its-kind personal finance blog network designed to put personal finance wisdom, best practices and commentary just a mouse click away.

The new network, with headquarters online at www.moneyblognetwork.com <http://www.moneyblognetwork.com/> beginning today, will be composed of the following top-performing personal finance bloggers:

* JLP of AllThingsFinancial
* Jim of Blueprint for Financial Prosperity
* Flexo of Consumerism Commentary
* Nickel of Five Cent Nickel
* FMF of Free Money Finance

‘We’re confident the MoneyBlogNetwork will be the top ‘one-stop shop’ for personal finance information upon its introduction,” said FMF of Free Money Finance. ‘Combined, the five founding members get more than 4,000 daily visitors and more than 10,000 daily page views, and their work has been recognized in Newsweek, BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal, The NY Times, Yahoo Finance, PC Magazine and others.”

The new network will begin with the five founding blogs and may elect to add others over time. Readers can subscribe to its high-quality information for free using an RSS feed, which can be accessed though the network’s home page.

The network will launch with a bi-weekly newsletter that will give all subscribers access to special activities at the MoneyBlogNetwork, such as select content, new contests and special offers. In particular, all newsletter subscribers will be automatically entered into all network contests.

Blogging networks have seen growing success in the past year. In October 2005, America Online announced the purchase of Weblogs Inc., a network of Web sites focused on a wide variety of topics. The deal was estimated at approximately $25-million, though financial figures were not disclosed.

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How Not to Launch a Blog - The story of an Amateur Blogger

Pro Blogging News 79 comments

I’ve been a little hesitant to talk about this on enternetusers but in the last two hours I’ve had 30 emails about it so thought rather than responding to each one personally I should make a statement before things go much further.

The story is that a blog called AmBlogger.net has started a blog that until I woke up this morning looked virtually exactly like enternetusers.net (except what you see here as Orange was blue, some names were changed and there were a few poorly formatted bits and pieces).

If you go have a look now you’ll notice that Vince Chan the blogger concerned has now deleted the three menu boxes at the top of the blog so it is a little different - but the similarities are pretty obvious. update: You can see a screen cap here of his design (now changed) after the three boxes were deleted.

I saw this blog a few days ago and shot Vince Chan an email raising my concern. I didn’t demand he stop using the design but made it clear I was not happy with it. Previously when people have stolen designs from me an email like this has been replied to with an apology and a commitment to change the blog design immediately.


In this case no apology was forthcoming and Vince replied with an email saying he didn’t have time to reply adequately at that time but that he’d come back to me within 48 hours. His response came within that time but rather that coming via email it appeared on his blog with an excerpt from my email to him.

My main concern was that the design of enternetusers (by Rachel from cre8d design) is something that I paid for and something that I believe to be copyrighted. Vince Chan is not hiding that the design was inspired by enternetusers and that in fact his whole blog is along similar lines but aimed at ‘Amateur” bloggers (you can read about his intentions for the blog in his about sections - written in the style of enternetusers’s about sections of course).

Now I don’t have a concern with him starting such a blog or even it being ‘inspired’ by this blog. I think the more talking about how people can improve their blogs the better. What I do have a concern about is that someone can simply lift the code of a blog and replicate it with only a few minor color changes and think that they can get away with it without consequences.

Copyright and web design is a somewhat tricky business. While I agree with Vince Chan that there are only so many ways to present a blog in terms of structure, format etc I think there are enough options available to bloggers to come up with designs that are original.

I know of quite a few blogs that have been ‘inspired’ by enternetusers’s design - there are quite a few with three boxes at the top like I have here - but in each case the designer has gone to lengths to make the design their own on some level. I don’t have an issue with their approach (sometimes done with acknowledgment of inspiration and a courtesy email sometimes without) but in this case it’s gone too far.

My other concern is that Vince Chan posted part of the email I sent him without my permission rather than discussing it in private. I can only assume this is part of a link baiting type strategy to launch his blog (unfortunately it seems to have worked as his traffic today is 50 times his normal levels - although he was only averaging 2 visitors per day). It is for this reason that I resisted blogging about this for a number of days - but as a number of others have begun to write about it I’ve decided to talk about it.

I’m quite perplexed by Vince Chan’s strategy. He states in one of his posts that he was hoping to collaborate with me:

‘I chose the design with the naivity that Darren would one day approach me and say that he’d give me his blessing to work and push the envelope to promote Amateurs in Blogging - a collaboration of sorts.’

I strongly doubt there will ever be such an approach. While Vince Chan has definitely got my attention (and that of others) all he’s done is burnt his bridges.

A number of people have asked me whether I’ll take further action against Vince Chan in a legal sense. I doubt it will come to that. He seems to be hinting that he’ll change the design as a result of the ‘discussion’ now happening in his comments (translation: after he’s milked this as long as he can). I wouldn’t rule out legal avenues to fix this but it’s not really my style.

Am I angry at Vince Chan? I guess you could say I’m a little peeved off. In the scheme of things it’s not a big deal and we’ll all have forgotten about it by the end of the week - but I guess it illustrates a few things about how to (and not to) launch a blog.

My only words of advice to Vince Chan are simply that while humans forget things quickly that web has a very long memory. Blog’s get cached, people’s posts about you remain online for a long time and Google has a funny way of indexing people’s names and projects in ways that we’d sometimes wish they never did.

I do wish Vince Chan the best of luck with his AmBlogging and hope he takes note of what people are telling him.

update: AmBlogger has just had an update of a new-ish design.

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MotionMall Review

Affiliate Programs 9 comments

If you’re looking for a reasonably simple way to integrate the Amazon affiliate program into your blog you might like to check out MotionMall which is a service that is specifically for this purpose.

MotionMall leads you through a four part process of designing your ad unit selecting the topic of the ads you wish to show, selecting the category of Amazon you want ads to be drawn from, giving some contact information and then getting the code to paste into your blog.

The design of the ads is limited to two ad unit sizes (728 x 90 and 160 x 600) and 13 color themes (each has two options giving you 26 options). The designs will suit some blogs better than others.

The ads that it shows (there is one to the left) use flash to make them more interActive (ie on live ads if you click the arrows at the top and bottom of the product they will scroll to new ones and if you hover over the circles at the top it will give you options to view different categories of products from within Amazon.

Pros of MotionMall

You do not directly pay for these ads, but indirectly it does cost you as 15% of the ads shown have MotionMall’s Amazon affiliate code imbedded into them (the other 85% have your own). 15% is not too bad when you consider that some ad networks take 50% of the income earned from your site.

You don’t have to deal with MotionMall directly apart from generating the code. Payments still come from Amazon. You will need to have an Amazon Affiliate program membership (you can use this with either Amazon.com, Amazon UK or Amazon Canada).

Another thing in it’s favor is that these ads are non contextual and can therefor be used in conjunction with programs like AdSense and YPN. In fact it’s not difficult to set them up as alternative ads for these programs.

Cons of MotionMall

Working against the program is it’s limited ability to be targeted for specific products. You can only narrow down what ads are show to the category and subcategory within Amazon. ie if here at enternetusers I could choose ‘books’ as the category and perhaps ‘business and investing’ or ‘computers and internet’ rather than narrowing it down to specific books or even ‘blogging books’.

Design of ads could probably be seem by some as a pro but for me they don’t quite fit what I’m looking for. Having just the two large banners will only ever fit certain sites and many bloggers don’t have much success with them. The color schemes don’t fit with most of my blogs either. I do think they are a good alternative to some of Amazon’s standard ad designs though which are plain ugly and quite dated.

The Amazon Affiliate program has it’s own set of pros and cons. On the downside is that you only ever earn income if a purchase is made and that the commission you receive can be quite small. A sale of a book might make you less than $1.

MotionMall has no in built way of tracking results. You cannot tell how many people click on the ads or how many purchases result. Amazon does have some reports for tracking what products people click on but if you already run other Amazon ads there is no way that I can see of differentiating between MotionMall clicks and others.

Another negative I’ve noticed already is that these ads are a little slow to load. I understand that this is probably a result of the flash component, but with web visitors only staying on blogs for a matter of seconds sometimes these ads could still be loading when they leave.


I recommend giving MotionMall a go IF you need an easy way of running Amazon ads on your site in a very general non specific product sort of way. I like to target Amazon affiliate ads specifically to products and deep link them into actual posts - but will try MotionMall in the sidebars of a couple of my blogs as alternative ads to my Adsense ads.

I’m sure MotionMall will have some real fans - they are very easy to implement and I can see how attrActive they will be for beginner bloggers - but they are unlikely to be a major player on my own blogs as they currently stand.

I found MotionMall via Feedbuzzard

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Switching Back to Adsense from YPN

Yahoo Publishing Network, Adsense 31 comments

Ypn-Yahoo-Publisher-NetworkGoogle SmIn mid December I switched the contextual ads showing at enternetusers from AdSense to YPN to join the beta test (through b5media’s account which is based in the US). I did it largely as an experiment to see how this new ad network performed first hand.

The results of the switch were, at the bottom line, that enternetusers makes more money via AdSense than YPN - but only marginally.

I’ll stress that this is MY experience with YPN on just one site. b5media has other blogs that do better with YPN than AdSense so it’s very much a blog by blog thing (as it is with any ad system).

My own experience here was that CTR was two to three times less with YPN than AdSense (I put this down to ad relevancy and suspect AdSense has many more ‘blogging’ type ads than YPN. This is what let YPN down the most in my opinion as their cost per click value was significantly higher than AdSense (over double).

As a result the overall earnings between the networks were very similar.

There were three main reasons I decided to return to AdSense:

  1. Ad relevancy and usefulness - YPN was regularly serving me ads that had no relevance to the topic of this site at all. While this impacted the earnings as less people clicked - my main concern with it was that it impacts the usefulness of the ads and look and feel of the blog. ie it doesn’t look very professional for ads about pet grooming (I saw one of these yesterday) when your blog is about making money from blogs.
  2. Ad design - at a first look YPN and AdSense ads look virtually identical (or can be designed to do so) however I noticed one subtle difference with one of the ad formats that I use which concerned me a little. On my individual post page template I use the smallest ad size possible, set inside content and aligned right. In YPN this was a 120×240 pixel ad which shows two text ads in it. The problem with the ad is that because the ad unit is pretty small it doesn’t have room to show the full ad and only included the title and the first few words of the ad (sometimes as few as 3 or 4 words before using dots to indicate that there was more… Time and time again I was seeing ads on this blog that just didn’t make sense because they were chopped mid stream. AdSense on the other hand show the full ad everytime. If the ad doesn’t make sense it’s the advertisers fault and not because the ad unit was too small to show it all.
  3. Advertise on this site - Just before I switched to test YPN I noticed that enternetusers was starting to get targeted by specific advertisers. Whether they were using the ‘advertise on this site’ feature I’m not sure - but the ability to have people target your sites can actually be a lucrative thing if you have a popular enough site and have a bidding war between a couple of advertisers who both want to compete for placing their ads on your site.

Once again I’ll stress that I recommend publishers test different advertising systems on their blogs to find the best fit for them. While AdSense just beats YPN on enternetusers it’s not something that I’ve found in every case. I know of bloggers who have seen their earnings triple with YPN in comparison to AdSense while know of others that have had no luck what so ever with YPN at all.

Hopefully the YPN beta test will be widened in the coming months to include non US based bloggers also (I was lucky to have a way around this with b5 but know of many bloggers who are chafing at the bit to get in on it to see how it goes for them.

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