Written on December 22nd, 2004 at 11:12 am by Darren Rowse

Seduction Blogging

Case Studies 10 comments

Well it seems that one of the emerging focuses for blogging is ‘Seduction blogging’. Yep you heard it - blogs with seduction and dating tips. Check out the Seduction Lair’s reflections on Starting Your Own Seduction Blog:

‘Seduction blogging seems to be a growing trend online these days, which I’m more than happy to be a part of. One of the great things about blogging on this topic is that it really does help you keep focused on improving yourself, and it also opens a forum for constructive feedback by the internet audience. I know that my game has improved a great deal because of my association with this site. In just one year, I’ve racked up almost 700 individual posts all about dating and seduction related stuff.’

So far it doesn’t seem to have an income stream so I wouldn’t clasify it as a enternetusers blog - but it wouldn’t take much to take it in that direction. I can think of a few ways they could monetize this one!

Written on December 22nd, 2004 at 11:12 am by Darren Rowse

Advertisers Target Ads to Keyword Searches of Bloggers’ Names

Pro Blogging News 1 comment

Rick over at Business Blog consulting observes a new trend in contextual advertising where Savvy Advertisers Target Ads to Keyword Searches of Bloggers’ Names:

‘Steve Rubel noted that IntelliSeek is targeting ads on Google to keyword searches of Steve Rubel. Some additional quick research shows the same goes for Nick Denton and Jason Calacanis.’

Like Rick - it seems no one has yet to pounce on the amazing opportunity of advertising under the name of Darren Rowse.

Surely it won’t be long…. any takers?….anyone?….errr…is this thing on?…..testing, 1, 2, 3…. anyone?

Written on December 21st, 2004 at 06:12 pm by Darren Rowse

What to do When Someone Steals Your Blog’s Content - Blog Plagiarism

Miscellaneous Blog Tips 15 comments

What do you do when a site blatantly steals your blog’s content? This is a growing problem for bloggers but thanks to tools like CopyScape its not hard to find them. The challenge comes when you want to do something about it.

A few days back I found a site which had copied (word for word) all 8 articles in my Adsense for Bloggers series of posts.

It especially concerns me as this is a site that not only gave no backlink to my articles or even a mention of who the original author was (they post it as if it is original content). They didn’t ask permision and were running the articles on a site that is commercial in nature and is making money off my own work.

So what should one do?

1. Contact the site concerned - First port of Call should always be to contact the webmaster concerned and politely explain to them that they are in breech of copyright and that you wish them to remove the content immediately. In 90% of cases where I’ve done this the content has been removed within 24 hours and there has usually been some sort of apology.

Unfortunately in this case no email address or contact details are on the site in question. You can try some random email addresses including webmaster@domaininquestion.com or info@domaininquestion.com.

2. Whois - Run a Whois check on the site concerned. There are numerous services around that do this - I use the CopyScape service and on the page in question got information on the site with details of the owner of it.Whilst it doesn’t tell much it does give one or two avenues for further action.

For example in this case it gives me a name of registrant of the site and an email address.

It also tells me who the site is registered through and who is now hosting the site.

3. Contact the Site’s Hosts - This is what I have now done after not hearing from the webmaster concerned. I told the the company that hosts the site in question that it is hosting a site in breech of copyright and asked them to contact him on my behalf and ask for him to remove the content. If this does not happen I will ask the host company to remove the site as they are supporting a copyright breech. So far the company has been most helpful and is attempting to help out.

4. Contact the Site’s Advertisers - What is the motivation of a site stealing content? Well they are obviously doing it in this case to earn a few dollars on the side. What is therefore most likely to get them to take some notice - take their earning capacity away. In this case the site seems to have previously advertised with Adsense (the code is in their ‘view source details’) although the ads are not showing and I suspect they may have been banned. They do have another advertiser who I today emailed notifying them of the site’s activities which are against their rules and conditions. I asked them to stop dealing with this site.

5. Shame the suckers! - I guess that is what this post is about. Name and Shame them - expose them for the thieves that they truly are. (update - after a couple of months the site in question was removed by hosts of the site for doing this same thing to others - this post worked in highlighting their activities and I’ve since removed links to it as it is no longer there).

6. File for them to be banned from Google and other Search Engines - Next on the list of action you can take is to file a notice of infringement of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act with Google. This has the potential to get the site in question banned from Google. Other Search Engines have similar procedures. I’m yet to go to this length with any site because by this point they have usually responded. However in this case its my next step.

7. Legal Action - I guess this is a last course of action that I am yet to take but the avenue is open to me. The Whois search gives enough to go on to start such proceedings.

I’m sure there are other methods of getting some action on copy theft - but this is what I’ve done so far. Feel free to add your comments, suggestions, experiences and thoughts below in comments.

Written on December 21st, 2004 at 01:12 pm by Darren Rowse

MSN Search Engine Beta Optimization Techniques

Search Engine Optimization 1 comment

MSN’s Search is one of the latest entries into the Search Engine market and many are tipping it to rival Yahoo and then Google in the popularity stakes for those wanting to get the best results from their searching of the billions of web pages currently online. Whilst it is still in beta - the initial reports about MSN Search are very positive.

As a blogger this is another Search Engine it is worth getting your blog optimized for to position yourself for an increase in popularity of the tool over the next year.

SEO Chat has just published a very helpful article on how to get Optimized for MSN Search. It is written by our friend - Wayne Hurlbert. Here are a few snippets:

‘Achieving high search engine rankings in MSN has some similarities to the techniques already used in Google and Yahoo. As expected, the MSN algorithm has a few twists and turns for SEO professionals to navigate as well….

Perhaps the first and probably most important aspect of the MSN Search Beta is the need for good keyword rich content. Relevance of theme and topic appears to be very important to MSN, as it is becoming for Google optimization. There are also additional considerations for levels of on page keyword density that differ somewhat from Google. On the other hand, MSN seems to strongly dislike keyword stuffing, and will drop a site’s ranking accordingly….

As expected, links are important to MSN, as they are important to Yahoo, and of course to the legendarily link obsessed Google algorithm….

Clean coding is a must with MSN Search, as its spider has a strong preference for well written code….

Like Yahoo, MSN Search seems to still place some importance on meta tags.’

Read the full article at MSN Search Engine Beta Optimization Techniques

Written on December 21st, 2004 at 01:12 pm by Darren Rowse

Search Engine Strategies Chicago Recap

Search Engine Optimization 0 comments

Rebecca Lieb has a worthwhile summary of the recent Search Engine Strategies (SES) conference and expo in Chicago. One of her more interesting paragraphs is a description of some comments by keynote speaker Danny Sullivan:

‘“Personal search is here,” Sullivan observed. Last year’s dream is this year’s reality, with the launch of more personalized engines such as A9 and MSN Search and moves like the Eurekster alliance. “Personal changed this year to memory/history, or discovery versus recovery,” said Sullivan. “There are shortcuts and direct display, like Yahoo shortcuts, AOL Snapshots, and AskJeeves’ Smart Search.” All these, in some, way funnel Web results into vertical or local results. “Marketers need to get it. Marketers need to plan for it,” is Sullivan’s message. Are you optimizing solely for organic Web search results? One day soon, your listing could vanish from the results screen.’

Read more at Search-A-Palooza ‘04

Written on December 21st, 2004 at 01:12 pm by Darren Rowse

Professional Bloggers Association Developments

Pro Blogging News 0 comments

Paul over at Radiant Marketing Group has been talking about a Professional Bloggers Association (BPA?) for a while now - and today posts that a group of bloggers is ‘going underground’ to polish the concept up. I’m really interested in seeing what comes out of this although am still a little confused as to the definition they are using of Professional Blogger. As I write in his comments:

“Pro blogging’ is a pretty wide term and is being used to talk about everyone from ‘business blogs’ to ‘blog consultants’ to ‘bloggers who make money from their blogs directly’ to ‘those who provide blog tools/services’ for blogging.

I think it will be fascinating to see what they come up with and will follow with interest the emerging discussions no matter what they decide to go with.

Read more at Professional Bloggers Association Idea Moving Ahead

What do you think the idea of a Professional Bloggers Association (PBA)? Would you join? What would you like to see if focus on? What would be the benefits in your mind of banding together with other enternetuserss?

Written on December 21st, 2004 at 01:12 pm by Darren Rowse

Online Ad Spend Up $45 Million in October

Pro Blogging News 0 comments

Clickz reports that October saw another 6.5% increase in online advertising - a second month in a row with such an increase:

‘Internet advertising increased by $45 million in October to reaching a total $741.2 million for the month, according to AdZone’s Internet Advertising Report.

The 6.5 percent gain marked the second consecutive month-over-month increase, and the highest monthly total since April, when online ad spending reached $746.0 million. For the first 10 months of the year, total online ad spend was approximately $7.0 billion.’

Read more at Online Ad Spend Up $45 Million in October:

In a similar vain - WebPro News reports that 128 Million Visited Online Retail Sites in November.

Both are signs of the health of the wider e-commerce industry.

Written on December 21st, 2004 at 12:12 pm by Darren Rowse

Christmas present from Google

Adsense 4 comments

Fc696 Main

It looks like Adsense have decided to send Christmas presents to some of their bigger earners this year. Its a ‘Mood lighting AM/FM Radio’ like the one pictured here.

‘Turn down the lights. Turn on the mood music. Now, let the light show gently take you on a journey into 7 vibrant hues and passages of soothing relaxation. This AM/FM Radio with precision quality sound, LED technology, and rotating gravity switch helps you choose just the right mood. It even has a 60 minute timer.’


Reminds me a little of one of those 1980’s lamps with all the fibre optic like things sticking out of it that my nana had (left).

The gift seems to be only sent to medium to high income earners with one user on the Webmaster world saying he got one having averaged somewhere in the $2,000-$3,000 range per month.

Nothing in my mailbox yet.

Source - Christmas present from Google:

Update: My Mood lit radio just showed up - it only slightly improved my mood from my other Christmas present from Google.

Written on December 20th, 2004 at 08:12 pm by Darren Rowse

How To Post Photos to Blogger

Miscellaneous Blog Tips 2 comments

One of the main complaints I hear from Blogger users about their blogging platform is the difficulty that they have in posting pictures to their blog. Photos, diagrams, graphs and other visuals can really lift a blog post so this can be a real limiting factor to using Blogger.

So - when I saw About Weblogs had posted a good tutorial on How To Post Photos to Blogger Using Hello BloggerBot I thought I should link up so that next time I heard the complaint I’d have an answer.

Let me know how you go with it Blogger users.

Written on December 20th, 2004 at 01:12 pm by Darren Rowse

Google’s Christmas Present - Ouch

Search Engine Optimization 8 comments

PunchThis is a little of how I’m feeling this morning waking up for the third day with a sick feeling in my stomach.

The feeling is partly physical - I suspect somewhere in the past week of three birthday parties, one work break up party, two Christmas parties and one wedding that I ate something a little dodgy which has left me feeling queasy.

The other part of it is a sinking feeling in the guts as I look at the impact of Google’s latest update upon my blogging ventures. I mentioned a couple of days back that the update was in full swing and that bloggers were reporting a wide diversity of results - some record high traffic, others record lows and still others no impact.

The main advice coming from experienced webmasters was to hang in there and wait unitl things settle - good advice which I’ve been taking heed of. However the news so far for this enternetusers isn’t too good as can be seen from the following traffic graph (click to enlarge) from my Digital Photography Blog.

Statsdpb-1Of course its too soon to tell what the lasting results will be but the last two day’s traffic isn’t looking particularly positive. Traffic is down to around 25% of ‘normal’ levels and SERPS (search engine results positions) are way down. Not the nicest Christmas present Google could have given me.

Now other factors also need to be taken into account. Firstly its been the weekend the last couple of days (although you’ll notice this usually only causes a small dint in traffic), secondly its the end of the year and readership tends to die in the days before and around Christmas and thirdly traffic has been pretty good this month because of Christmas itself - digital cameras are one of the hot items for presents this year so the drop off is particularly noticeable as traffic has been pretty good.

However even with these factors taken into account the update seems to have been a bit of a blow to the site. Unfortunately this is a tale I can tell you a number of times over as I look over my other blogs. Traffic down to 20 - 40% of ‘normal’ levels.

Of course a decrease in traffic has a corresponding decrease in earnings in most circumstances and this is the case as i look at my different income stats for the past few days. Affiliate programs and contextual ad earnings when graphed present a very similar shape to the above graph. Its not much fun to find out that your pay has been cut to 30% of what you were getting a few days earlier and to not know if it will ever go up again.

So - whilst I’ve recently posted some pretty optimistic posts about the potential of problogging it is worth remembering that this is a pretty fickle business. It is worth remembering that whilst you can work incredibly hard on your blogging and do what you think is best to optimize your site for good results that a lot of your success or failure lies in the hands of others and can come or go in an instant.

This is also another reminder that diversification can be a professional blogger’s best friend. Put all your eggs in the blogging basket and you might just find yourself with scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Diversification can mean many things. For me it means having:

- consulting work - both blog related and non blog related

- having a ‘real’ job - for me I’ve taken on a number of other jobs and projects for short periods of time over th last few years that not only supplement my income but also give me an environment to interact with people face to face - blogging can get pretty isolating at times.

- building up traffic through other means than Google - It is easy to forget sometimes that there are other ways of getting traffic than from Google. For starters there are other search engines, there are other blogs/sites, you can build up an permission based email list, work on repeat visitors to sites etc.

- pages on a variety of topics/domains - one of the things I started to think about last year was the advantages of blogging on a variety of topics. This is smart for a number of reasons, starting with the quick cycle of trends that the world we live in goes through. Digital Cameras are huge at the moment - but they will not be quite so hot forever. Its also smart because the chances are if you’re blogging on a lot of topics on different blogs that each time Google updates that some will go up the rankings and others will go down. Diversifications can help spread the losses and gains and keep your momentum going. This is why we started the Breaking News Blog network a couple of months back on a fresh domain - I’m now glad we did.

So the end of the world has not come - although combined with being ill this week it felt like one or two times in the last few days - life goes on and instead of being bogged down by the statistics I am inspired to renew my efforts in blogging to recover the losses and provide even better blogs than I have before.


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