Written on September 23rd, 2004 at 05:09 pm by Darren Rowse

Blog Logo Design

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Whilst not specifically written about Blog logos, the article - Trends in Logo Design - is a great resource for looking at some recent trends in graphic design which might be useful in considering the design of your blog.

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  • Going through the articles above on the trends of logo designing I think the author has covered most of the logo designing styles. However, I feel the recent trend tends towards simplicity. Most of the corporates this days are intrested for simple designs that would convey a message. If we look back into some of the world famous logo, it simply justifies the recent trend, think about the yellow ‘m” for McDonalds or the triangular logo for ADIDAS–they are all simple and yet convey a pretty clear message.
    The best thing in the industry, however, is the affordability of good designs. Thess days there are websites offering logo designs simply for peanuts and they do not compromise on quality !There are even websites that allows you to determine the price you want to pay for your logo design –I was surprised !(check out the site mycorporatelogo.com). With all this companies coming into the industry the competition becomes more fierce and it definitely benefits the customers, coz they are the people who get good logos at cheap price.

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