Written on October 31st, 2004 at 04:10 pm by Darren Rowse

Spy Journal ProBlogs

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Tim has emailed this week while I was taking a bit of a holiday in New Zealand to let me know of a mini problogging network that he’s started reading the tips here on enternetusers. You can check his new blogs at:

He’s using Adsense as an income stream. He’s asked for some constructive criticism of his blogs as he’s still developing them and I’ll be shooting him off an email tonight with some of my suggestions - but drop by and say g’day (he’s an Aussie) and give your own encouragement and suggestions there on his blogs.

2 Responses to “Spy Journal ProBlogs”

  • OUCH!
    Im a kiwi not an aussie! Some one over there punch Darren in the arm for me. Or maybe ask him about underarm bowling!

    Hey thanks for the links Darren and thanks for the advice also. I will be making the adjustments you suggested shortly.

    And anybody else who wants advice from Darren feel free to ask him. He’s a top bloke - for an aussie!

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