Written on January 4th, 2005 at 03:01 pm by Darren Rowse

Why Blogs are Popular with Search Engines

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Corporate Blogging Blog writes a very good article about why blogs rank well in Search Engines. Of course one of the big reasons is links - one of the major features of blogging is the interlinking between blogs of a similar theme or topic. If you write good content on a particular topic it is likely that you’ll attract inward bound links from other relevant blogs - this of course is one of the major ways that a Search Engine like Google or Yahoo decide how to rank sites. However Frank argues that there are other reasons in addition to links that make blogs attrActive to search engines including:

- Keywords, key phrases

- Straight to the point

- Each post’s page structure

- Coding

- One subject per post

- The blog site’s information structure

- Links then…?

Frank expands each point well and his argument makes perfect sense. In fact they are more than common sense some of his points can actually be built upon as a strategy. Learn from what he’s saying. For example - ‘one subject per point’ - the temptation is often to write 10 points on each post that you do. The smarter way to approach it would be to write 10 posts - each with a punchy title and content that tightly focused upon one point. You’re more willing to get picked up and ranked highly by search engines using this method than by a long general essay.