Written on January 31st, 2005 at 09:01 am by Darren Rowse

Search Engine Optimization for Blogger Blogs

Search Engine Optimization 2 comments

Wayne has been posing hard til it hurts over at Search Engine Journal where he’s just written a series of excellent Seach Engine Optimization (SEO) posts on optimizing your Blogger Blog. It is a series in four parts (so far):

- Search Engine Optimization and Blogger Blogs Part One

- SEO & Blogger Part 2 - Search Engine Power of Blogs

- SEO & Blogger Part 3 - On Page Blog Optimization Techniques

- SEO & Blogger Part 4 - The Link Power of Blogs

The techniques that Wayne talks about and observations that he makes are good solid SEO strategies that are proven to work - not only on Blogger blogs but on other blogging formats and normal websites. It is easy to be overwhelmed by SEO strategy - I know when I first started looking into it I was totally confused but it is well worth doing a little research and having some of the basics in your mind as you blog. Don’t become obsessed by it - but be informed and where you can use the basics to enhance your chances of being ranked highly by the search engines.

Update: Wayne has also posted this series in full on his own blog at Optimization for Blogger Hosted Blogs

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  • The idea that search engine optimization (SEO) can be overwhelming is an interesting concept. I think I might write a blog post about that possibility. Thanks for the posting idea. :-)

  • Take your time to check the pages in the field of…

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