Written on February 4th, 2005 at 11:02 am by Darren Rowse

Could AdSense direct deposits be around the corner? - JenSense.com

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Jen at JenSense observes that the new referal program from Adsense seems to be set up to pay out using direct deposit. She hypothesizes that perhaps this is an indication that direct deposit payments might be coming. This would be a massive relief to many publishers using the system who have to do a lot of messing around to cash their cheques.

Read Jen’s column at Could AdSense direct deposits be around the corner?

2 Responses to “Could AdSense direct deposits be around the corner? - JenSense.com”

  • I just cashed an Adsense cheque today. It is a pain, if you are non-US based. Direct deposit would be so much easier.

  • It’s especially expensive. You pay up to 30 Euros (which is about 40$) for cashing in one cheque.

    Somebody said it might be that google wants to hold the money for the time to make money on it until you can cash the peper cheque - but to be honest, if I had to wait 6 weeks but get it directly paid without such a hassle or costs, I would gladly do it.

    Don’T even to speak of sending a cheque via snail mail …

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