Written on February 6th, 2005 at 12:02 am by Darren Rowse

RSS ads in Boing Boing

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One of the biggest blogs going around, Boing Boing, has decided to experiment with RSS ads in their feeds. They publish their full content in RSS and have placed ads on every third ad using the contextual ad service being tested by Feedburner and Overture (not available to the public yet). Feedburner currently only allow most bloggers to display amazon ads using their service but contextual RSS feed advertising is sure to follow on a wider scale in the months ahead.

One Response to “RSS ads in Boing Boing”

  • Boing, boing. Now what is this about? Oh yes, the site called boingboing. Boing. Also, Time Cube is the truth.

    May I elaborate? RSS ads sound like fun. Yeah. Whatever.

    So in conclusion, you must seek Time Cube. Time Cube!

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