Written on March 1st, 2005 at 03:03 pm by Darren Rowse

A Blog Is A Blog Is A Blog? Darren Rants

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Clint Dixon over at SEO Chat has written a post titled A Blog Is A Blog Is A Blog which has blogging fairly and squarely in its sites. I get the feeling that Clint doesn’t really like blogs - I also suspect he doesn’t really understand them either. He writes

‘Is a blog a revenue stream? For some, yes I am sure it is. Is it a business model to consider for making money? I would say no. Are blogs the next thing in the Internet world? No they are not. As much as the media and marketing industry tries to put a new spin on its meaning, a blog is a timely ordering of content otherwise known as a Web log, and we all know Web logs are really nothing more than Web pages.’

I can think of a fair few bloggers who would disagree with Clint on this one both individual bloggers and blog Active owners who would want to argue that they are building legitimate business models for making money. I think there is growing evidence that bloggers can actually be more than a revenue stream and is a legitimate way of building a business.

I’m not really sure of the logic of his argument. ‘Weblogs are really nothing more than web pages.’ Ok - even if this is true - can’t web pages be a legitimate business model? If Web Pages can be a legit business model, and blogs are web pages…wouldn’t that make them legit too?

You see in some regards I agree with Clint - when it comes down to it blogs are just webpages - webpages that are generally organized a little differently to static web pages, web pages that generally have features like comments and trackback, pages of information that are on the web. Web pages….

Ok - so blogs are web pages - so freaking what?

Why does the fact that blogs are web pages mean they are any less legitimate than any other form of web page? Why would that fact suddenly end their ability to be profitable approaches to an online business?

Ok - I’m starting to rant here - but sometimes I just don’t get the point of these anti blogging articles that tend to pop up every few weeks.

The fact remains that blogs have some unique selling points - some things about them which make them very attrActive to people wanting to have an online presence. They are not just any old web page:

- blogs are web pages that optimize very well for search engines

- blogs are web pages that have the ability to be highly customizable design wise

- blogs are web pages that advertisers are paying big dollars to promote their products on

- blogs are web pages that are simple to set up and maintain

- blogs are web pages that are perfectly suited for commercial niche topics

- blogs are web pages that are easily monetized

- blogs are web pages that are being bought on a commercial level for very respectable amounts of money

- blogs are web pages that are increasingly being read by millions of readers every day

Yes blogs are web pages - no they are not the only growth area of the internet at the moment - but they are one area of incredible growth and potential and internet entrepreneurs should ignore them and write them off at their own peril.

Update - Scrivs over at Business Logs takes up the rant.

7 Responses to “A Blog Is A Blog Is A Blog? Darren Rants”

  • You forgot one important point, IMHO: Blogs are *interActive* in that you can comment, trackback, pingback, aggregate and reuse via RSS, etc. Blogs create their own network. Not that you cannot do that with a traditional website, but it takes much more effort.

  • Scrivens vs. Dixon, Opinion vs. Fact
    Sometimes you come across an article on the Web and you figure it was written just to upset some people so that they would write about it. In these cases sometimes it is best to just move on and never…

  • Another one:- Blogs seem to have an uncanny ability at spreading viral buzz. This is partially due to the speed at which content can be published to the web, and isn’t that part of the promise of the Internet?

  • And Clint Dixon’s blog entry isn’t a webpage, it’s about eight. I couldn’t read the whole thing the interface was so annoying (and boring to boot). Talk about signal to noise ration - whew!

  • Well said, Darren. Well said…

  • Add one more please. Blogs are about people talking to people in an open community environment and in doing so, they are a catalyst to building social networks. Also, don’t forget building stronger customer relationships, stronger brands…oops that’s 3 more.

  • Most of your arguments here better fit to the good old forum… Im wondering why that seems to be out…

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