Written on March 13th, 2005 at 10:03 am by Darren Rowse

Blogads: reader survey for blog advertising.

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Just running out the door for the day (its a long weekend here) but saw that Blogads have released the results of their reader survey for blog advertising. Looking forward to having a look through their results tonight. Adrants summarizes it as follows:

  • 75% are over 30
  • 75% are men
  • 43% have HHI over $90K
  • Most, 14%, are employed in education
  • 71% have signed a petition
  • 66% have contacted a politician
  • 50% (highest of any media) rank blogs tops in usefulness for news and opinion

So we’ve got middle aged, men with pretty decent wages who are politically aware/Active…. Interested in what others are thinking about the results? What conclusions can we draw - what are the signs that we as pro bloggers need to take note of? I’m expecting ALL the answers here in comments below when I get home tonight! :-)

Read more at Adrants: Study: Blogs Reach High Income, Educated Audience

3 Responses to “Blogads: reader survey for blog advertising.”

  • From my perspective if those figures are reflective of blogs in general its very very depressing. Basically it would mean that blogs were really only appealing to one single small sector of society. Sure its a sector with a lot of spending money, but its also an incredibly limited niche to be playing in.

    However, I don’t think they are reflective. I think they are skewed beyond any practical use. Why? 20% of respondants have their own blog.

  • Where did BlogAds run the survey? I think their survey is invalid due to the fact that they don’t seem to have got a broad enough sample population. They just ask some people questions and apply the answers to the whole industry (if blogging is an industry). They obviously got alot more responses from a political blog (probably from some political blog owner linking to the survey).

    These results hold no water, IMHO.

  • I guess one of the criticism of the survey is that BlogAds tend to be used more on political blogs than other blogs (or at least this is where the started out) and political blogs tend to attract a certain demographic of reader (who I guess were invited to fill this out - as well as the bloggers themselves). Still I think its interesting and somewhat useful to have this picture - I just wouldn’t base too many important decisions upon it. Its better than nothing though as a survey.

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