Written on March 13th, 2005 at 07:03 pm by Darren Rowse

More on the BlogAds Survey

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In continuing my last post on the BlogAds survey - I thought I’d make a few other little observations - nothing too profound - just what stood out to me as I read through the result.

Probably the more interesting responses for me in this survey were:

- 92.1% of blog readers never listen to podcasts - 3.1% listen to 1 per week and 1.7% listen to 2 per week. Whilst there is a lot of talk and development in this area its still got a way to go. It’ll be very interesting to see the comparison between these results and those of this time next year - I’d suspect a substantial increase.

-72.4% of readers never use RSS feeds. 16.5% sometimes use it, 7% often use it and 4.6% always use it. Again this is a technology that is yet to really hit the big time despite the hype about it. I’ve actually long suspected this as I look at the stats on all of my blogs which rarely get hit via RSS (except for this one which is gets quite a few - mainly I guess because its read by bloggers themselves).

- Whilst 16% of readers read blogs for around 10 hours per week - 38.6% of readers spend 5 hours or less. A further 33.8% spend between 6 and 10 hours per week, 14.8% spend between 11 and 15 hours and 12.7% spend over 16 hours per week reading blogs. So the vast majority (72.4%) spend 10 hours or less per week reading blogs (or under 84 minutes per day). Not sure why this interests me - perhaps it just depresses me as I can spend that much reading blogs 10 times over in a day! :-)

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  • BlogAds Survey
    Quote from the post by enternetusers about the BlogAds Survey:

    92.1% of blog readers never listen to podcasts

  • Over 70% of people surveyed never use RSS feeds… that is rather high. I would have suspected a better rate than that. But, like you said, it is rather new and not “mainstream” yet.

  • I do read all of my (several hundred) blogs only as feeds.
    I do more than 2 (*cough*) podcast.

    I might only spend 10 hours a week with those if you don’t count my writing blogs and do podcasts into it.

    Hm. What does this say about me? ;)

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