Written on March 14th, 2005 at 08:03 am by Darren Rowse

AdSense Positioning Experiments

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Wow - someone is actually reading what I write! Not only that - they are doing what I advise! Not only that - its paying off and they are getting RICH BEYOND THEIR WILDEST DREAMS!!!!!

OK - I might be exaggerating slightly on the getting rich beyond their wildest dreams - but Eoghann over at Blog World took some of the advice I gave (perhaps in my positioning Adsense series) and it seems to be paying off.

‘The initial results were depressing. Both my CTR and actual earning plummetted to the lowest I’d seen in about 2 months. I nearly lost my nerve and changed things back right then. Fortunately I’m too lazy to make that many changes so quickly.

Three days after I made the changes CTR began to pick up significantly as did my income. It reached a peak a couple of days ago with my highest paying single day from AdSense ever (I still can’t retire) and while it’s dropped again a little bit the CTR remains higher than previously and my daily income averages higher than prior to the changes.

I’m not sure why there was an initial decrease across the board, but it might be a good idea when you experiment to hold your nerve and let it run for at least a week to see how things pan out.’

Read more at AdSense Positioning Experiments

Way to go Eoghann - keep experimenting. The key I’ve found to Adsense is to try try and try again and track your results carefully.

The best way to track your ads is to utilize the channel feature that Adsense provides for free. Make each ad on your site a different channel so that you can isolate which one has the highest CTR and which one is not performing. Then as you move them around the site track the results. I’m currently doing this on one of my smaller blogs at the moment - trying some very different ad positioning and seeing some very interesting results. Its too early to share the results but initial indications are pretty interesting.

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  • Keep in mind that channel data lags by about 2 days; another reason to give your experiment some time.

  • Hi Darren,

    I’ve read your article about ad positioning, but how do i actually get it done. Let’s say I want to display ads in the middle. How do I get it done.

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