Written on March 14th, 2005 at 10:03 pm by Darren Rowse

Spam Blogs

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Dave Sifry writes about the increase in numbers of blogs over the past few months in State of The Blogosphere, March 2005, Part 1 and comments on a disturbing trend in the many new blogs that are starting - Spam Blogs.

‘There is a dark underbelly to these numbers, however: Part of the growth of new weblogs created each day is due to an increase in spam blogs - fake blogs that are created by robots in order to foster link farms, attempted search engine optimization, or drive traffic through to advertising or affiliate sites.’

2 Responses to “Spam Blogs”

  • I tried one of those as an experiment recently. I didn’t even put ads on it because I was hoping to keep it ethical (though blog ethics is likey a discussion all it’s own). I discovered is after 4300 automated posts filled with relevant links - all on a niche topic - that Google hates it. My handwritten blog on Linux is doing far better.
    Hopefully many spam blogs go this way.

  • Too many sites, in this case blogs, interlinked to one another are a known filter trigger for Google. They are not only downgraded in the search rankings, but often receive penalties for spamming besides. Interlinking blogs and/or traditional websites is a bad search engine strategy that will not yield good results. It will likely get you banned from Google though.

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