Written on March 24th, 2005 at 12:03 am by Darren Rowse

Adsense Earnings Poll Update

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The Poll we’re asking in the sidebar this week asks how much bloggers earned from Adsense last month. At the time of writing this 295 readers have voted (thanks everyone!) I’m going to let it run until the end of March at which point I’ll give you a full tally and nice little graph.

It is pretty obvious that a distinct pattern is emerging - over half of enternetusers reading bloggers earn less than $3 per day from Adsense. A further 14% don’t use the system at all.

These are the sorts of results that I was expecting - the anecdotal evidence I had been collecting through conversations with bloggers over the past months made it clear that very few bloggers using Adsense were making more than a few dollars per day from it. However these results also show that a few bloggers are actually making significant money from their blogging (9% over $1,000 per month and 2% over $10,000).

Its my goal to bring some change to these figures - I’d like to see more enternetusers readers getting their monthly earnings into triple and quadruple figures in the coming months.

Update: In addition to the numbers you’ve already indicated that you earn - I’d also be interested if readers would give some indication in comments below (anonymously if you’d like) at the percentage rises or falls that you’ve seen in your monthly earnings over the past few months.

I’ll be writing a post in the next few days that will draw on this information and I’ll share a few more of my own earnings figures - but in the mean time am interested in hearing how your earnings from Adsense have changed over the past few months if you’re willing to share.

9 Responses to “Adsense Earnings Poll Update”

  • Following a couple of posting here I repositioned and added more adverts to spittoon. Not too sure when these changes were implemented but it matters little as the number of clicks hasnt changed much over the month.

    What would be interesting from the poll is if these results are from just one website or several. I only use the adverts on one at the moment.

  • I’ve seen my earnings more than double in March (extrapolating the current average to the end of the month) with respect to February, thanks in part to the advice I got from your site. CTR in particular has almost doubled.

    This will bring me from the “under $30″ group to the “$30 - $99″ group. Not much, but I’ve started my blog in January, so this is hopefully only the beginning.

  • My earnings have quadrupled starting in March. The main reason is my site no longer sits in the sandbox - whoohoo!

  • an anonymous coward :)

    March 24th, 2005 4:26 am

    Thanks for allowing anonymous comments in this post. I have a small network of sites but I really don’t want to publicize them or me on this subject.

    I fall into the $100-499 range (actually averaging 282/month over the last 6 months).

    This represents 1/4 of what I was seeing a year ago on half the traffic.

    Interestingly enough, the impressions as reported by Google now vary wildly compared to my own homegrown stat tracking application (which I designed to mimmick the way Adsense ads are displayed to try and see why there was a difference between my numbers and Google’s).

    The discrepency is similar to the early months of Adsense when tracking was horribly off. Over the last year or so had been pretty accurate up until November when the variance started back up. I also monitor a couple static content pages with channels so I can compare the Adwords CPC and the Adsense revenue per click. This isn’t an exact science, but while Adwords CPC has gone up about 40% on keywords that hit within those static pages, the adsense revenue per click has dropped by 60%.

    I have a full-time job, so Adsense revenue is bonus money for me, allowing me to cover my servers, pay others to write some special interest content or just fun money, but it is disappointing to see the drop; especially with the rise in CPC bids.

    Once a viable competitor hits the market, I’ve sure things will improve.

  • My blog is just a week old, so no adsense revenue yet (no traffic), but I hope to join the ranks here soon.

  • I’ve had my adsense account for about a year, but I’ve just started really working with it since February. I’ve moved from that first category (under $30) into the second category since then. I’de love to hear what it takes to move into one of those more profitable groups from poll respondents! I would love to be in that $1500 - $2499 group by the end of the year…

  • It looks as though my AdSense revenue for this month will be up around 50% on the last month. The increase appears to be a combination of increased traffic to my blogs and also increased clicks thanks to better positioning of ads.

    I’ve just started playing with the Adlinks option, so we’ll see what effect that may have.

  • I voted in the < $30 category, but I just realised that I earnt $40 for March so far. oops. My history has been:
    Nov - Dec: 100% increase
    Dec - Jan: 30% increase
    Jan - Feb: 10% increase
    Feb - Mar: 90% increase

    I started in around October 2004.

  • My Adsense income had a breakthru when Adsense allows multiple ad units on one page last year. I also reached another (higher) stage after february Google dance. Overall, I feel adsense income is very much related to # of visitors coming from search engines. Can I say search engine visitors are more valuable than loyal readers? It seems they tend to click more ads.

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