Written on April 5th, 2005 at 01:04 am by Darren Rowse

BlogLogic Launches TurboBlogger

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BlogLogic announce that they’ve just hired the world’s newest ‘Pro Blogger’ - Kevin Humphrey to be the chief blogger on TurboBlogger a blog about blogging with ‘Blogging news and Reviews’.

The press release announcing the news reads:

‘“Kevin will be paid two thirds of advertising revenue generated at Turboblogger.com” says Paul, who also candidly states in the ad “Hey, maybe you’ll be able to afford extra toppings on that pizza!”

The following is a snippit taken directly from an email communication between Kevin Humphrey and Bloglogic.net’s Paul Short.

Kevin Says: “In terms of pay, I have no issues there. As a ‘beginner’ pro blogger, I’m more comfortable with a performance-based arrangement for now anyways. To be honest, I’m interested in this opportunity as a means of getting my name out there more quickly as well as gleaning some knowledge off of you along the way.”

As with any fairly new weblog, advertising revenue does not roll in right away. The blog’s voice, style, reputation and readership grows over a period of time until respectable profits are earned. “I think only farmers and bloggers have the vision to see that you have to sew before you can reap,” Says Paul, “and Kevin clearly has that vision.”’

Read more at BlogLogic

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