Written on April 6th, 2005 at 05:04 pm by Darren Rowse

Adbrite Ad Packages

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A blogging friend just pointed me at a new strategy that the AdBrite advertising network seem to be employing - selling packages of ads that will appear on multiple sites. Some of the packages are packages of their higher performing sites in the network and others are theme related on sports, gaming, travel etc. My friend pointed me to a blogging package. They describe these packages on their blog as follows:

‘We’ve been hearing from some advertisers that you’re overwhelmed with the number of advertising opportunities on AdBrite. I hope these pre-selected, high-performing ad packages make your life easier. ‘

I think this is a good move for Adbrite - the only hesitation I have is that they don’t reveal what sites they’re putting the ads on. For instance with the blogging package they just say

‘Blogs inform, influence, and entertain the Internet’s taste-makers. Click “add to cart” and we’ll put into your cart 20 of the best-performing blogs in the AdBrite network.’

As an advertiser I think I’d want to know a little more than that and as a publisher - I want to know how to get in on such a package - looks like good money!

5 Responses to “Adbrite Ad Packages”

  • Dareen,

    I checked blogging package. The estimated cost per click is $0.30, which is a bit high considering you don’t get branding with it (as you would with BlogAds for instance). I mentioned ‘estimated’ because you’re not buying clicks (as you would with Adsense for instance), you’re just buying your ad being displayed. They estimate how many clicks your ad will get, but based on previous performance of previous ads and advertisers. Click-thru might change dramatically depending on the text ad and the advertiser, affecting big time your cost per click.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think the package deal is a good idea for people who need volume. I also agree with you, they need to do the blog breakdown to let you know what blogs are you displaying your and into.

    That’s my $.02 contribution ;-)

  • I just thought I would point out to those who don’t know, Adsense does not allow Adbright and adsense on the same page. That is what is being said at many forums.

  • I don’t know why they wouldn’t Greg.

    As far as I can see Google don’t let ads that look too much like Google ads or that are contextual ads. Apart from that I think you can use any other types of ads.

  • In response to Greg’s post:
    Google does allow AdBrite to run on the same page. There is a thread over at webmasterworld where both the founder of AdBrite and AdsenseAdvisor (a Google rep) posted it was alright.

    Also, i’m confused by your post. I just looked at the AdBrite blog package and it clearly shows which sites are included (KevinRose, BoingBoing, Gawker, Gizmodo, etc.)

  • Yep Mike - they changed it after reading this post! The power of good blogging.

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