Written on April 6th, 2005 at 06:04 am by Darren Rowse

More on Getting Yahoo Traffic for your Blog

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A month back I wrote a tip about Getting Yahoo Traffic for your Blog that simply involves a technique where you add your blog’s RSS feed to the customizable MyYahoo headlines feature. I wrote in that post that after one day that I noticed a small increase in Yahoo referrals to my blogs.

I thought I’d give you another update on my Yahoo traffic.

It varies from blog to blog but I am pleased to report that Yahoo referrals have continued to rise since implementing this strategy.

On the majority of my blogs the rise has been reasonably small but with the most recent Yahoo index update in the past few days I’ve noticed a substantial increase in traffic to three of my blogs (blogs that until the last month rarely,if ever got any Yahoo traffic).

These blogs still rely on Google for most of their traffic but the new Yahoo visitors have increased overall blog traffic on these blogs by at least 20% (in one case traffic rose by 70%).

So if you haven’t implemented this simple technique to increase your Yahoo referrals I’d consider doing it today. No promises that the traffic will come flodding in - but it all helps.

6 Responses to “More on Getting Yahoo Traffic for your Blog”

  • Interesting, and all traffic helps, but I still find Yahoo! the hardest of the lot to work out, their search results just don’t make the same sense that Google and MSN does

  • Ditto, my Yahoo results tend to be patchy and intermittent. I tried your tip and early signs are positive.

  • you need to go to your MyYahoo page daily for this to work…….i.e. if you dont refresh your feed, how will myyahoo update……

  • I’m not sure about that Dean - I rarely go to mine but it is checking my feeds. I think once you’re in the system there it must track it…

  • I am currently doing it, and I will see in the future if my referral is increasing or not.

  • Now that’s interesting - Yahoo is so hard to work out, we have lots of pages in the yahoo index but they don’t drive their share of traffic that is for sure. This is variable becasue on some sites we get tons of yahoo reff traffic.

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