Written on August 23rd, 2005 at 03:08 pm by Darren Rowse

Interview with Jason Kottke

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Blogebrity interviews Jason Kottke at midway point of full-time blogging year about his decision to quit his job and go full time as a blogger - relying upon the support, through donations, of his readers. Blogebrity asks about whether Jason is considering putting ads on his blog and about how the contribution levels are currently going:

‘B: It seems close to the style used by advertising-supported blogs, in order to increase page views. Have you reconsidered putting ads on your blog?

K: Nope, haven’t reconsidered. No ads on kottke.org, probably not ever.

B: How, if I may ask, is the contribution flow?

K: Oh, it’s trickled down to almost nothing. Which is fine…I don’t really advertise it. The initial 3-week push was enough for the year and most of the regular readers saw it at that point and either contributed or didn’t. I don’t want to beat anyone over the head about it.’

It will be fascinating to see how Jason goes when the second year’s drive for donations comes around. His blog has definitely changed in the past 6 months and I’ll be interested to watch how readers respond to another invitation to donate. Read Jason’s blog at kottke.org.

5 Responses to “Interview with Jason Kottke”

  • Nice approach. I’m also looking forward to seeing how he does in Year Two. Definitely a refreshing change from Andrew Sullivan’s periodic pledge drives, which have the death-reek of public broadcasting about them.

  • Is this a new blog for SixAparts anti blog spam king Jay Allen I see in the comment ahead of me or are you another Jay Allen?

  • Another Jay Allen. He’s A-list. I am most firmly B-list.

    Jay Allen Prime actually came to my personal blog (http://www.thezeroboss.com/) a while ago and left a comment. We corresponded via email about some of the stuff coming out in MT 3.2 - which intrigued me deeply, since (1) I’m a geek and (2) my site runs off of MT. Seemed like an incredibly nice guy.

    And now I just realize that I’d have too much to drink tonight.

  • Gotta love his answers :)

  • why Kottke is not running banners at kottke.org ? This is insane.

    Regarding A-list and B-list: I am X-list - I have blog (comic strip blog) that is Xtraordinary and that nobody else has…. :-)

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