Written on October 16th, 2005 at 11:10 pm by Darren Rowse

Google PR Update Imminent?

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I’ve heard from a number of ‘interesting’ sources that Google will be gearing up for another Page Rank (and maybe a back link) update in the coming fortnight.

There are no guarantees on that - but I’ve heard it from four people now so maybe there is something in the pipeline. Time will tell.

update: Matt has just advised that changes will become visable in the next day or two.

29 Responses to “Google PR Update Imminent?”

  • It has been a while since the last update, so you are probably right. We all know PR it is not suppose to mean anything but I am sure all bloggers and webmasters out there see it as some kind of recognition as to how their site is doing. It’s kind of like getting your report card when you are at high school. Google, have I been a good boy?

  • hehe - yeah i was just explaining it to someone just like that. Nice comment.

  • Just as I’m preparing to jump ship I’ll probably get a good Page Rank. Oh, the misery of it all! :-)

  • Oooh, maybe some PR for some b5 blogs? That’d help :D

  • It’ll be worth it in the long run John!

  • A fortnight…Isn’t that like 40 days or something? I don’t want to wait that long…lol.

  • lol David - i should have remembered that not all parts of the world use the ‘fortnight’ word - two weeks…14 days….

    could be sooner

  • Fortnight = two weeks = 14 days.

  • Darren, you beat me to it!

  • You don´t have to be a great augur to predict a PR Update in the next 14 days. I personally believe we have to wait a little longer and the next update will come on 5th November. But in the end the PR Update isn´t important any longer.

  • PR and Backlinks are a farce in my opionion. Supposedly they show popularity. All they show is who is most capable of using tactics to get listed on other sites. Tactics that are both black hat and white hat. I do not believe that a large percentage of PR and backlinks are artificial and have nothing to do with popularity of me linking to sites “I really love”
    There was an EMPTY site on ebay for sale a while ago that had a PR6 — EMPTY, one page, no content PR6

  • thanks to my bad english i first thought it would happen this night and i really wondered how you were able to make such a short range prediction. imminent is not 14 days in my understanding, at least for the german (blogo)shpere. good strategy ;-)

    actually 14 days is a very likely prediction, as the last PR Updates happend in daily distances of 83, 111, 87 and 106 days. and as the last PageRank Update has been 94 days ago your winning chances are good. at least unless matt cutts is not reading this discussion and postpones update to 15 days :)))

    by the way - in germany i started a PR-Update prediction contest two weeks ago at http://www.suchmaschinen-optimierung-seo.info/sosblog/2005/10/01/pagerank-update/ you can win a book like “the search” if you guess the pr-update moment. (darren, i hope it’s ok to mention the url)

  • I just learned on Friday in my english course what a fortnight means. It’s kinda funny to see the discussion about it here.

  • How will we know when the PR update is done?

    Will there be any indication from Google once it’s complete? Or do we just have to keep an eye on our Google toolbar?

  • you can use lots of tools to monitor it - but yes keep an eye on your toolbar.

    Of course keep in mind that PR doesn’t mean heaps these day as numerous people mention above.

  • Ok so I’ll fall for it - WHAT did you hear? You said you heard of an update, but what’s in it?

  • I’ve read it somewhere too. Well, back to work. Have a great time.

  • I think the update is happening already. My incoming links visitors from Google search are dropping. use to get over 300 now its drop to less than 100.

  • It sure would be nice to get out of this sandbox. My mom is getting really mad at me for tracking sand into the house every night wne I come home from my blog.

  • I have noticed some odd things too, but wonder if I’m only noticing them as Darren has drawn my attention to this? ;-)

    A page I uploaded last night now has a PR6 on the toolbar, but isn’t in the search results if you search for it.

    Seems something is happening…

  • It will be interesting to see if it’s going to happen in a fortnight or is slowly happening now.

    I noticed last Friday that a newish site that we have, that had no PR, had suddenly developed a nice bit of green in the Google toolbar :)

  • I’m not sure if something imminent, but my search engine ranking has dropped like a stone since the weekend (along with adsense revenue) (for my none-blog main site).

    referrals from google seems to have all but disappeared. Given that I’ve not made any fundamental changes other the the usual updates to the site, I’m slightly concerend.

    I’m not at the ‘panic’ stage, but could soon be!

    At the moment it feels like 3 months of hard work and optimisation is going to have been wasted, unless something changes soon.

    I now feel like the naughty school boy whose been told to see the headmaster, but I don’t know why, and no one will tell me. Even the headmaster is keeping quiet.


  • Something seems to already be happening…my PR hasn’t changed, but yesterday I noticed my first upsurge in Google traffic since I started my blog back in June.

    It’s nice to finally have people finding my site :)

  • As I started a website not too long ago (September 4th) and currently have no page ranking it would be interesting to see what kindof a PR I will get, along with number of backlinks to my website. I saw that Matt Cutt further confirmed an update so I’m excited to see what happens.

  • can any one help whats happning in google. most of our keywords ranking is going down????????????

  • As others have reported, I’ve recently experienced a pretty major uptick in Google traffic, and tonight I noticed that a number of newish pages that didn’t have any PR now do.

  • All true. But it’s still motivational. My site www.zombielogicpress.com did ok. I’m trying to actually reach people and build traffic so whatever vagaries Google throws my way i feel I have to play along.

  • is this still open? I am trying to find out if google is udating soon.

  • Hi guys, recently google increase the search terms for my website. My traffic is through the roof, does this mean google is updating soon? sorry for the double post

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