Written on October 18th, 2005 at 08:10 am by Darren Rowse

Weblogs, Inc. Interviews its Bloggers

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Weblogs, Inc. have been redeveloping their home page recently with design changes and more recently the decision to start profiling some of their bloggers via interviews - the first of which is with enternetusers reader - Jay Allen who heads up their Baby Blog.

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  • I was always wonder why is it that most major “bloggers” (or rather “writers”) for WeblogsInc don’t have their own person blogs!!!??? I am not attacking WeblogsInc or something here: I am just wondering: how it could be that several writers for WeblogsInc don’t have their own personal blogs. It looks like contradiction. Isn’t it?

  • It doesn’t strike me as strange, no. WIN cares about recruiting subject matter experts and good writers. Sometimes that includes someone with prior blogging experience, and sometimes it doesn’t. I got noticed by writing a fairly popular personal blog; others have been recruited simply on the basis of samples they’ve sent.

    On Blogging Baby, we’ve taken to recruiting new bloggers from the ranks of our frequent commenters. Sometimes these folks have their own personal blogs going, and sometimes they’re neophytes to the blog world (but excellent authors nonetheless). Personally, I like to see a healthy balance of newbies and seasoned talent. It keeps things fresh.

  • Sounds like b5’s been an inspiration to someone over there ;-)

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