Written on March 29th, 2005 at 10:03 am by Darren Rowse

Design a Blogging HQ

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We’ll be moving into our new house (the one that blogging built) in about a month and I’m starting to think about my new Blog HQ. The new house has a nice room that we’ll be setting aside as my office but I’m dreaming of all the goodies I could stuff it with to make my blogging easier (and a bit more fun). So - its time for a reader question:

What would you put in your Dream Blogging HQ?

What would your set up look like? What computer system would you have? What other things are ‘must haves’ and essential tools in your HQ? How would you furnish it? What gadgets and toys would you include? Feel free to get as creative and crazy as you’d like.

7 Responses to “Design a Blogging HQ”

  • Computers are just tools and very subjective, but I can recommend getting a notebook and a wireless network setup, I love mine.

  • I have several old recycled PCs that I find countless uses for. The preferred setup for my ‘laboratory’ is the have plenty of outside lighting (no caves for me) but line the walls with desks and line the desks with monitors (big clunky ones, but they get the job done).
    Increased screen space has a big effect on the amount of information I’m able to keep track of. Up until lately I used this setup exclusively for programming but now I’m finding it just as handy for writing and researching.
    I’d also have a bird feeder just outside the window.

  • I second the recommendations above for a good laptop, WiFi throughout the house and yard, and at least one nice big monitor you can dual-screen the laptop on. I’d also add a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to the desk.

    If you’re getting any electrical work done, it might also be worth adding more powerpoints to your office. I had 7 double powerpoints installed when we renovated, and it’s not nearly enough. I wish I’d installed at least 4 power outlets for every metre of desk space. While we’re on that topic, get a label printer and label all your cables - saves tons of wire-wriggling frustration later!

    I also had floor-to-ceiling shelving built along one whole wall and part of another. Big space saver!

  • Oh - and while you’re doing all that wiring, see if you can get the electrician to put your office on its own power circuit. That way, when another appliance elsewhere in the house trips the power, your computers and gadgets won’t all stop dead.

  • Speaking of power, an essential item for a work-at-home office is a UPS (battery backed power supply). You can get one for about $40 (US) that will keep a typical computer going for 15 minutes–long enough to finish up a couple of things and shut down. More importantly, power flickers and brownouts don’t interrupt you at all.

  • A big “Fit Ball” to sit on some of the time. Gets you sitting up straighter … and feeding more oxygen to the brain!

  • A big “Fit Ball” to sit on some of the time. Gets you sitting up straighter … and feeding more oxygen to the brain!

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